FF7 Remake Side-Quest Guide: Weapons On A Rampage

The "Weapons on a Rampage" side-quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Chapter 8 will take you all over Nuts 'n' Bolts Hills--here's where to go.


Chapter 8 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake gives you a break from the main story to expand on Cloud's clientele as a mercenary. Like Chapter 3 before it, the section has a bunch of side-quests for you to complete, if you so choose (and your performance will actually have effects on Aerith's look in Chapter 9). One of the more confusing side-quests is "Weapons on a Rampage," because it requires you to hunt down some specific enemies in the large, maze-like area known as Nuts 'n' Bolts Hills.

Below is everything you need to know to find the wayward Shinra weapons, take them down, and complete "Weapons on a Rampage" in Chapter 8.

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Weapons On A Rampage Walkthrough

Head north of the hideout to find a man talking about some Shinra "floating eyeballs" that are rampaging around town. You'll need to hunt down five of them in the Nuts 'n Bolts HIlls area that you came through after meeting Aerith at the church. Equip some Wind materia and head out.

The first group of three enemies--Monodrive Mark IIs, they're called--are in the north end of the area, in the Scrapyard Back Alley section. Head toward the train station and take the path north just before you hit it to find a dead end where the first group is hiding.

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Monodrive Mark IIs are weak against Wind magic, but there's a caveat to dealing with them: they use barriers that make them immune to specific kinds of attacks, which can make them pretty formidable. If their barrier is a round white shell, switch to Aerith and lay into them with her regular magic attacks, or hit them with Wind spells. If they fire up a green barrier that looks more like electrons flying around an atom's nucleus, switch over to Cloud and hit them with physical melee strikes.

Watch out for the Monodrives' attacks that send them burrowing under the ground or shooting through the air like flying drills; keep your guard up and focus on one enemy first to knock it out. With a few rounds of magic spells and some of Cloud's melee attacks, you should be able to stagger and kill one, then repeat the process for the other two. The best thing you can do is try not to over-commit on melee attacks, though, as the Monodrives will hit you pretty hard and can interrupt your spells if you're not paying close attention. When you're done, sneak out into the train station and use the blue bench there to heal yourself up.

The last two Monodrive Mark IIs are back on the path you took to bypass the locked gate when you first came through here. Head north on the path from the locked gate into the Twilight Valley area; you'll find the last two enemies pretty quickly along the path.

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