FF7 Remake Just Flew In From The Graveyard Side-Quest Keycard Location

If you don't know where to find that keycard during the FF7 Remake Just Flew In From The Graveyard side-mission, we've got you covered.


When you jump into Final Fantasy 7 Remake's first semi-open area, you're likely to become confused by an early side mission called Just Flew In From The Graveyard. This relatively simple quest requires you to venture back into an abandoned factory you visited during a previous FF7 Remake side mission. Your objective is to exterminate a single flying Drake, but the catch is you need a keycard to open a locked door leading to where it's located.

The quest giver Gwen says that the keycard is hidden in one of the breakable Shinra boxes found in the abandoned factory. Unfortunately, the boxes in the area are pretty easy to miss, so if you've played normally up until this point, it's likely you'll have spent the past half-hour scouring every nook and cranny looking for that accursed keycard. It certainly took us a while.

To find the keycard, head back to the area where you grabbed the Fire Materia during your first run through this area completing the Nuisance in the Factory side mission. If you didn't nab it, head to the location we've marked in the map screenshot below.

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Once you arrive, you'll find a metal door with a terminal beside it that you can interact with to open the path forward. Before you grab the Fire Materia ahead, look to directly to your left at the pile of boxes beside the metal fence. Yes, it's the boxes--the set of rusty Shinra-labeled boxes holding that damn keycard. Cleave them with your sword and you'll have exactly what you need to finally complete this side mission.

With the keycard in your possession, head back to the door you need to unlock on the other side of the map and face the Cerulean Drake. This version of the enemy is different from the weaker Lesser Drakes, as it has ice attacks that can slow down your attacks and movement, so watch out for those. Wind magic is effective at whittling away its health faster. Once you've killed it, return to Gwen to finish the side mission!

For more guides, be sure to check out our feature highlighting essential tips to help you play FF7 Remake to the best of your abilities. Otherwise, you can also read our Final Fantasy 7 Remake review for our full thoughts about the game.

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