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FF7 Remake Elemental Materia Guide: Where To Find This Essential Materia Orb

Here's how to get the only two Elemental Materia orbs available in FF7 Remake.


In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the Elemental Materia is one of the best Materia orbs you can get, as it can imbue either your weapons with elemental power and your armor with elemental defense. However, this Materia can be incredibly easy to miss if you're just gunning your way through the story without exploring every nook and cranny of each area. Below we detail where to find all the Elemental Materia orbs you can get and how it works.

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How Elemental Materia Works

As mentioned above, the Elemental Materia is a handy way to imbue a party member's melee attacks with elemental power when attached to a weapon or increase their magical defense against a particular element when attached to armor. To explain, weapons and armor feature sockets that you place Materia into, and there are two variants of Materia sockets on weapons and armor: single, and linked.

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The linked sockets are what you can use to activate Elemental on weapons and armor. If you get a piece of armor with a linked slot and put the Elemental materia into one of those slots, the armor will give you resistance for the type of Materia you attach to it in the second slot. Alternatively, if you slot it into a joint slot on a weapon, your attacks will be imbued with that element.

How To Get Elemental Materia

You can get your first Elemental Materia during Chapter 6. Progress through the chapter until you deactivate the second sun lamp. Climb down the ladder from there and go around the cargo containers to find another ladder going down, leading to a platform where you'll fight two Queen Grashtrikes. Dispatch them, then use the nearby control panel to lower the walkway ahead. Align it with the gate so you can cross. Head to the far end of the next platform to grab the Elemental Materia.

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You can nab a second Elemental Materia later during Chapter 14. However, you can only get this one if you've completed every single side-quest up to this point. If you need help finding and completing them all, you can refer to our full FF7 Remake side-quest walkthrough. It's important to note that you do not need to clear the two sets of side-quests during Chapter 9 to unlock the oppurtunity to get the second Elemental materia.

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Anyway, pogress as you normally would up to the point in Chapter 14 where you're on your way to head up the plate to start Chapter 15. As you head to the objective, you'll discover a letter on the ground beside a treaded construction vehicle past Wall Market. Do not miss it! Inside the letter you'll find a message and another Elemental Materia.

With two Elemental Materia in your arsenal, you can truly optimize your ability to take advantage of enemy weaknesses. This is a must moving into the endgame chapters, as well as the bonus boss fights you can unlock after you beat the game.

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