FF7 Remake Chapter 14 Resolution Guide: How To Unlock Every Scene

A story beat in Chapter 14 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes into account a bunch of your choices up to that point--here's what they are.


Note: This post contains spoilers for Final Fantasy 7 Remake--specifically Chapter 14 and before. If you haven't made it through that section of the game, we suggest you do so before reading further.

At several points during Final Fantasy 7 Remake, your actions have effects on the story. It might be a cutscene that's dependent on your performance, like in Chapter 4, or one that takes into account your choices, like in Chapter 9. But the biggest thing that's affected by your choices is in Chapter 14--a moment called "Resolution" in the rundown of the main scenario.

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Unlike most other moments you can change, Resolution takes a whole bunch of things into account from throughout the game to decide which of three different scenes plays during your version of FF7 Remake's story. It stacks up choices from Chapter 3 and Chapter 8, and seemingly takes into account things from Chapter 2, Chapter 9, and Chapter 10, as well. But we've figured out how to affect the choice to help you check out all three possible scenes--read on to see what choices to make and when to unlock each one.

Resolution Is About How You Treat Other Characters

The Resolution scene recalls a scene from the original Final Fantasy 7 in the Gold Saucer, where your dialogue choices throughout the game during that point dictated who showed up for a date scene with Cloud. The scene could feature Tifa or Aerith depending on who you'd shown more favor to, but if you'd reacted in a certain way to both of them, you could get Barret to show up instead.

Chapter 14 is similar in that it focuses on either Tifa, Aerith, or Barret, depending on how you've treated Tifa and Aerith throughout the game. It's worth noting that the Resolution isn't a date, but it is a powerful story moment for each of the three characters. In fact, it's worth taking the time to see all three.

It seems the most important contributing factor to the ending scene is side-quests. There are six side-quests you can do with Tifa in Chapter 3 and six more with Aerith in Chapter 8, and how much time you put in during those moments directly impacts which scene you get. If you do all the side-quests in both chapters, it seems the game takes other choices into consideration, and we're not exactly sure just how much of a factor those other choices are. The following guide will rundown verified ways of accessing each of the three scenes, but you may end up with one of the three by taking a different approach on some steps than what we've got here.

How To Get Tifa's Scene

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Most Important

  • Complete all of the Chapter 3 side-quests and the "Discovery: Alone At Last" scene

These seem to be the two biggest factors for getting Tifa's scene in Chapter 14. Put the time in with Tifa (and put in less time with Aerith) to guarantee getting Tifa's scenes.

Other Contributors

  • Help Tifa up at the start of Chapter 10

This seems to be the single biggest choice you can make between Tifa and Aerith, so be sure to pick the woman whose scene you're looking for.

  • Accept Tifa's drink in Chapter 3
  • Skip side-quests in Chapter 8
  • Describe Tifa as being in great shape to Chocobo Sam in Chapter 9
  • Pick aloof or negative options in Aerith dialogue in Chapter 2 and Chapter 9 (turn down her flower and tell her it's stupid, say it doesn't matter what Cloud thinks about her outfit)

How To Get Aerith's Scene

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Most Important

  • Complete all of the Chapter 8 side-quests and the "Discovery: The Language of the Flowers" scene

As with Tifa, spending a lot of time with Aerith in Chapter 8 seems to be the big setup for her scene in Chapter 14. You'll also want to make pro-Aerith choices, however.

Other Contributors

  • Help Aerith up at the start of Chapter 10

Picking Aerith over Tifa will help push Aerith over the top if you've done all the side-quests up to now.

  • Ask Aerith "how much" for the flower in Chapter 2
  • Skip Chapter 3 side-quests
  • Don't say "What does it matter what I think?" to Aerith when she asks how her outfit looks in Chapter 9
  • Pick aloof or negative options in Tifa dialogue in Chapter 3 and Chapter 9 (turn down her drink, tell Chocobo Sam that Tifa is good at bookkeeping)

How To Get Barret's Scene

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Most Important

  • Skip all side-quests in Chapter 3 and Chapter 8

You'll need to push through a few events in both chapters in order to advance. In Chapter 3, that means completing the Scrap Boulevard event and then talking to Wymer, but not doing any side-quests after that. In Chapter 8, save the missing kids in the Kids' Hideout, but don't do anything after talking to Oates the second time.

Instead of doing the side-quests in Chapter 3, go directly to Seventh Heaven, finish the scene with Johnny and the Shinra troops, and then go to the bar to advance through the rest of the chapter. In Chapter 8, leave the Kids' Hideout and go straight to Aerith's house. Complete the Rude boss fight, then proceed to Aerith's house to advance the chapter.

Other Contributors

  • Be negative to Aerith
    • Turn down her flower and say that it's stupid in Chapter 2
    • Say that it doesn't matter what you think of her outfit in Chapter 9
  • Be negative to Tifa
    • Turn down her drink in Chapter 3
    • Describe her as "good at bookkeeping" in Chapter 9
  • Be pro-Avalanche

There are a few moments when you get dialogue options with Jessie (the end of Chapter 4) and Biggs (Chapter 12) that might contribute to Barret's scene. We're not sure, but we speculate that choosing options that show you as interested in the Avalanche squad's well-being will count toward Barret's scene. We got this scene by skipping all Chapter 3 and Chapter 8 side-quests and being negative to both Tifa and Aerith, though, so interactions with the Avalanche characters may only contribute when you've made other pro-Tifa and pro-Aerith choices.

It's worth noting that it doesn't matter who you pick in Chapter 10 if you've skipped the side-quests in Chapter 3 and Chapter 8. You can't progress in Chapter 10 without picking someone, but the impact of that choice shouldn't be enough to sway you from seeing Barret's scene.

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