FF VII Demo Goes Underground

Subscribers to Sony's PlayStation Underground will get a new version of the Final Fantasy VII demo that was originally packaged with Tobal No. 1.


Subscribers to PlayStation Underground will be getting an extra surprise in the second issue. Disc 2 is devoted completely to a new Squaresoft demo disc, showing off Final Fantasy VII, Bushido Blade, Saga Frontier and Final Fantasy Tactics.

The Final Fantasy VII demo has been changed to reflect the beginning of the real game, giving gamers a chance to play just a small portion of the title that will be on store shelves September 7.

Aeris has been replaced by Tifa in the demo, and magic and summon spells are very powerful (moreso than in the real game...just for demo purposes). Also, the boss in the demo is more like the enemy you meet through the course of events that happen in the final version, and there's even a real-time countdown clock in the upper left corner of the screen that accurately keeps track of the time.

The demo disc includes a playable demo and movie of Bushido Blade, and movies of Saga Frontier and Final Fantasy Tactics. Hopefully these games are not too far off from an American release.

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