Fez landing on Xbox Live April 13

Polytron's multidimensional platformer heading to Xbox Live Arcade next month; game will retail for 800 Microsoft points.


Polytron has announced a release date for its long-awaited platformer, Fez. The game will be released on Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade on Friday, April 13, and will cost 800 Microsoft points ($10).

Fez is landing on Xbox Live Arcade next month in all its multidimensional glory.
Fez is landing on Xbox Live Arcade next month in all its multidimensional glory.

The game was submitted to Microsoft for certification last month, three years after it was initially announced back in 2009. At the time, Polytron expected the title to be out in 2010, a date that was later rescheduled to early 2012.

Last month, Fez won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize award at the 2012 Independent Games Festival. Fez designer Phil Fish was also one of the developers featured in the upcoming Indie Game: The Movie documentary.

Fez is a 2D platformer built entirely using Microsoft's XNA tools in an 8-bit pixel art style. The game also adds a third dimension and lets players rotate the gameworld around the protagonist, Gomez.

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In reference to him saying Japanese games suck to a Japanese developer on a game panel: [quote]"As for Fish's comment itself...yup. Typical indie jackass who thinks he's better than everyone else (despite his first game yet to release). Anyone remember that other comment of his that the game wasn't coming to PC because the game only deserves to be played on a console? Yeah, way to be far up your own ass, Phil Haddock."[/quote]Gotta agree with above quote.

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@DaveoVC Thanks dude, I'll check it out. But as for saying all Japanese games suck. Whilst I think thats a bit of a sweeping generalised statement, I'm kind of inclined to agree for the most part, lol. But thats a completely subjective opinion, I just can't think of many japanese games that I like or of the ones I do like like Mario, Zelda and the earlier Resi's, there are lots of things about those games I don't like. Mario and Zelda being nintendo dumb a few things down too much and just end up being corny in many respects and sometimes it can be a bit cringe worthy, and Resi they've got the whole weird japanese look to the people. Not japanese look like they look like they're from Japan, but Japanese artists seem to draw characters in a very strange way, you know the whole anime, final fantasy, resi, metal gear, the protagonists all have a similar art style, I find it too fake. And then theres the dialogue and voice acting :O lol, that bit can always be particularly cringeworthy. "That was too close! You were almost a Jill sandwich!" Oh please! But all that crap is just me and I know many people love those games for the same reasons I don't.

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@GriffinBalls Have a read of his Twitter. He likes to be controversial and it all started with him saying "All Japanese games suck".

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@GriffinBalls Im aware of the referring to FEZ but im making the point of the similarities of the camera method in relation to the topic of "That 70's show" mis-interpretation comparison of the title.

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Why is it that almost EVERY indie game that gets released is a 2D platformer? Or a puzzle game? Can't they make anything else?

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WWWWOOOOOO YEAH! Been waiting for this and Minecraft for soooooooo long! This is the spring of retro gaming!

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It doesn't look like it'll be much fun for very long. It doesn't even seem to have any enemies.

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@omenjamlord LOL, They're referring to FEZ dude, not the camera rotation. Also whats with the hate for Paul Fish? I really like the look of this game? Is he a tw@, lol?

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The camera rotation def is similar to That 70's show camera pan around the table!

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This sounds a lot like Super Paper Mario on the Wii (great game, by the way), except with no RPG elements.

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Shame people are going to buy this. Would love to punch Fish in the face.

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so i wasn't the only one who thought of the That 70's Show

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Hello Arkansas !!!!

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Hello Wisconsin !!!!

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I'll play it because it looks fun and cute but god, Phil Fish is basically a game developer/hipster.

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@ns_sonic204 same here hahah

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I clicked this expecting something That '70s Show related. Anyway, sounds awesome. I'll be buying this.

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oh yes! thank you Phil Fish, I feel so blessed to have the chance play your precious, self important game.