Female soldiers come to Call of Duty

Multiplayer game mode for Ghosts features 14 maps out of the box, seven new modes, female soldiers, dynamic map events, 30 new weapons, and Squads gameplay.


During a special presentation in Los Angeles today, Infinity Ward showed off the multiplayer mode for Call of Duty: Ghosts for the first time and gave new details about the game.

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Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin said multiplayer in Call of Duty: Ghosts represents the biggest overhaul of the game mode ever done since 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Gamers can play as female soldiers in Call of Duty: Ghosts and maps will have dynamic events that will change how they play on the fly. In addition, the game will support new player movements like knee slides, mantling, and contextual leaning

In addition, Call of Duty: Ghosts features over 30 new weapons, including a new Marksman Rifle weapon class; over 20 new killstreaks; 14 maps out of the box; seven new multiplayer modes, and a new Squads mode that supports up to six players on a team.

The Squads mode includes Squad vs. Squad, Squad Assault, Wargame, and Safeguard. In this mode, players will compete against others one vs. one with AI teammates.

Two of the new standard multiplayer modes Activision discussed today are Search and Rescue and Cranked. In Search and Rescue, when a player dies, they drop tags. If allies pick up the tags, the player lives. If the enemy does so, the player dies.

In Cranked, when players get a kill, they gain new abilities, but also start a countdown clock. If a player fails to get another kill before the timer hits zero, they will explode.

On top of that, Activision will release a new Call of Duty App that players can use to track their in-game statistics, among other things.

Call of Duty: Ghosts also includes an all-new create-a-soldier and perk system. Players will have over 20,000 possible combinations, including heads, body types, equipment, and gender. The new perks system features more perks than in any past Call of Duty game, Activision said. They are divided into categories including Speed, Handling, Stealth, Awareness, Resistance, Equipment, and Elite.

GameSpot is on-hand at the Call of Duty event in Los Angeles. Check back later for more.

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