Female Killers Sought

All-Female Quake Tourney to be cosponsored by Slam Site and TEN.


Total Entertainment Network (TEN) and Slam Site will cohost an all female Quake tournament beginning July 26 on TEN. The competition's eight finalists will square off at the Slam Site location in Los Angeles on August 30.

As part of the tournament activities, TEN engineers are working with Clan Ring and Slam Site to support a special Quake "mod" created by artist Kenneth Scott. This mod will allow participants to appear in all final round games as amazon warriors, rather than the usual male mercenary figures.

More than US$10,000 in prizes will be awarded to the top finishers. Proceeds from the event will go to the National Tuberous Sclerosis Association. More than 100 female Quake players have registered for the tournament so far.

Registration for the tournament begins now and will continue through July 18.

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