Female Boxers Represented in Knockout Kings

Women boxers such as Mia St. John and Denise Morietes will be playable in EA Sports' upcoming Knockout Kings 2001.


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Electronic Arts has confirmed that the latest game in its Knockout Kings boxing series will include female boxers for the first time. Virtual replicas of female professional fighters such as Mia St. John, Christy Martin, Lucia Rijker, Sumya Anani, Chevelle Hallback, Regina Halmich, Belinda Laracuente, and Denise Morietes will be playable in the PlayStation version of the game. The PlayStation 2 version - which will be released in the spring of 2001 - will include St. John, Martin, Rijker, and Halmich only.

"I'm glad women are in the game because we are getting huge TV exposure and the fans want to see more of us," said St. John. "Each one of us has a unique fighting style that EA was able to capture, and all of our skill ratings are accurate as well. Anybody that fights me in the game had better look out, because in the game or in the ring, I'm taking no prisoners."

"EA Sports has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to developing new games and new technology," said executive producer David DeMartini. "When we saw the interest the public has in female boxing, we immediately jumped on it and signed the top names in the business. More importantly, we actually worked with the boxers to make the game play as if you were really in the ring."

The PlayStation version of the game will be released in November of this year.

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