Felipe 'Pipe' 'KiLLeR' Zuñiga retires from SC2, joins Chilean LoL team.

One of Latin America's most accomplished SC2 pros in KiLLeR has written on his personal facebook that his time with SC2 is done for now, and League of Legends will be his new endevour in esports.


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Through his facebook, Zuñiga explains why he is transitioning and what his plans for now are.

Hello friends! Well, I wanted to let you know about me recently, like many will find out and like I've said on various streams I'm no longer playing SC, for a long time now and if they ask me if I'm going to come back, I'd say that for right now no, so then I'd like to share with you all my new goal for this year and I know many won't agree with it but if you truly supported me for a long time while I played SC2, why would you stop doing it now? At the moment I am dedicated to league of legends, and I was already recruited by a good Chilean team, which will announce me (as a member) probably today, so that the true "Killiebers" who aren't many except the faithful, I know that you'll be with me and support me, I will begin streaming LoL for those who are interested and for those who maybe have never played before, I can show you so you can get familiar with it and be able to support me better! I will be doing this training stream with the team and Soloranked etc.

I hope you all don't make bad remarks (say bad things), that wouldn't be nice, well.. I'm off, and I'll keep writing when I do stream, a hug and greetings to all, thank you from my heart for supporting me since long ago, those who have supported me from the beginning y to those who will keep supporting me (who I hope will be all of those who still follow me). <3 you all.

- KiLLeR, translation provided by Teamliquid user Chessz

Throughout his career, he proved many times that he was one of the best Latin American players involved in the pro scene. With victories both the 2012 SC2 WCS: Chile, and most notably the 2012 WCS Latin America grand finals, where he went on to win the entire event against players like Juan Carlos 'MajOr' Tena Lopez and Jian Carlo 'Fenix' Morayra Alejo.

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