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Felicia Day's New Weekly Twitch Series Will Interview Women In Entertainment

Felicia Day has launched Women R, a new weekly panel series on Twitch.


Felicia Day, star of The Guild and Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Return, has started a new weekly Twitch panel series focusing on women in the entertainment industry. The show is called Women R, and it will run for eight episodes.

The first episode is up now, and it focuses on game streamers.

In the episode below, Day speaks to streamers CupAhNoodle, Anne Munition, Silvervale, and WowGrandma78 about their work and experiences. Future episodes will feature designers, artists, writers, and women in other roles across games, movies, comics, television, and other entertainment fields. Bonnie Ross, head of Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries, is set to appear on a future episode.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about her new show, Day says that she wanted to create the show to make women in these industries more visible. "You never know when you'll stumble upon someone who really inspires you to take a leap in designing a board game or becoming a voiceover artist," she says. "It's so important to be exposed to it, because often ideas don't occur to us as people unless we sense the possibility of it."

"This is an opportunity for me to not only highlight, but also learn from other women in different areas, and hopefully inspire other people to pursue careers in those areas," she continues. New episodes will debut over the next seven weeks.

Elsewhere on Day's channel, the cast of The Guild has reunited to play Dungeons and Dragons together.

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