Feeling Adventurous? Spend 7 Bucks, Get 10 Random Games In Latest Fanatical Bundle

Ten lucky customers will also get an additional bundle worth more than $750.


Fanatical is offering ten games for just $7 during its latest promotion, but there's a big caveat--all 10 games remain a surprise until you've finalized your purchase. If you're not feeling too adventurous but still want to cash in on the fun, the bundle can be reduced all the way to a single mystery game for one buck.

10 tiers of Fanatical's Mystery Crate Bundle are available, letting you choose anywhere from one to ten mystery games. Opting for the full 10 is the best deal, as it reduces the price of each individual game to just 70 cents. There's no telling which games are included in the event, although Fanatical notes that "everything from AAA hits, highly rated indie titles, action-packed shooters, engrossing RPGs" and more are all up for grabs.

On top of that, 10 random buyers will find an ultimate crate in their order, which includes 25 games and a value of more than $750, with hits such as God of War, Wasteland 3, and Outriders offered in the ultimate crate. Fanatical also notes that not all keys are for Steam--some will need to be activated through Bethesda.net.

All purchases also come with a 5% off voucher for your next Fanatical order.

The Best Fanatical Bundles

If you're not a fan of surprises, Fanatical has a bunch of other sales going on right now. This includes the Indie Must Play Bundle, which is discounted by more than $100, and the RPG Maker Bundle--now available starting at just $1.00.

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