Fear The Walking Dead: The Sixth Season Will Cover A Lot Of Time

"We're going to see a lot of time pass."


Spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead is returning for Season 6 at some point this year, and will pick up where the previous season left off. It will feature Dwight, another character who has crossed over from the main series into the spin-off, and will, of course, involve a lot of zombies (as the show always does.) According to Scott M. Gimple, the chief content officer of the television franchise, we might see a time jump in this season as well.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Gimple responds to a question about whether or not the show will feature a time jump by saying that "time is actually going to be played around with on this season." Although major chronology jumps and changes are likely to be "way down the line," he says that "we're going to see a lot of time pass" on the next season of the show.

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What this means, exactly, isn't clear--fans of The Walking Dead on television, comics, and in Telltale's game series--are used to the franchise playing with time, although huge time jumps are rare.

Elsewhere in the interview, Gimple says that the show's slow fifth season was "about setting up this journey that these characters on on through there to Season 6," and that while they pay attention to fan reactions, it's hard to always follow exactly what they're asking for.

He also says that, structurally, Fear the Walking Dead is "going to change quite a bit" this season, and it'll be "a little less vignette-y" than before, more like "16 little movies."

The Walking Dead has a third unique series coming as well, called Worlds Beyond. It will debut in Spring 2020. The flagship show, The Walking Dead, is currently in its tenth season.

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