F.E.A.R. the SDK kit

Amateur game developers can now make some scary content for VU Games' paranormal shooter. Stand-alone server software also released.


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VU Games' F.E.A.R. began attacking PCs in mid-October, allowing gamers to witness developer Monolith's vision of a frightening first-person shooter experience. Today, the two companies are giving gamers a chance to develop their own nightmarish scenarios.

VUG has announced that the SDK (software development kit) for F.E.A.R. is now available. With the SDK, those proficient with game code can use VUG's officially licensed tools to create their own modifications of both the single-player and multiplayer portions of the game.

Also available today is F.E.A.R.'s stand-alone server software for Linux and Win32. PunkBuster (anticheat software) support is also expected to be available soon.

F.E.A.R. is rated M for Mature and retails for $49.99. For more on the game, read GameSpot's full review.

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