Fear & Respect Impressions

Snoop stars as Goldie in this smoke-or-get-smoked third-person action game from John Singleton and Midway.


LAS VEGAS--Midway is currently having an event to showcase many of its games that are scheduled for release in 2005. One of these games is Fear & Respect, a new crime-themed third-person action game that's being written and directed by John Singleton, the man behind the classic movie Boyz N the Hood. On top of that, the game will feature the voice and likeness of actor/rapper (or is that rapper/actor?) Snoop Dogg. Snoop will play a 22-year-old gangbanger named Goldie.

Not much information about the game was made available, but the trailer definitely made an impression. It shows Goldie riding shotgun in a beat-up four-door sedan as he and his crew lock and load guns to prepare for a drive-by. But things go wrong fast, and before you know it, some roughnecks on the street open up on the ride, hitting the driver and causing the car to crash. The events in the prerendered cutscene look impressive, the dialogue sounds authentic, and overall it looks cool. The entire scene is set to Snoop Dogg's recent radio hit "Drop It Like It's Hot," so it seems like the game will take place in a modern-day Los Angeles, unlike other games' more nostalgic take on the subject matter.

But what about the game, you say? Well, Midway's presentation didn't show more than a few flashes of actual gameplay, making the game look like some sort of third-person action game with an onscreen crosshair for lining up shots. Materials provided with the game's announcement say that the game will feature real Los Angeles locations, like Compton and Watts. You'll even be able to roll down Crenshaw, from the looks of things. Real-life weapons will also be included, and a reputation system will govern your interactions with other characters in the story. Will they respect you as an OG who has earned his stripes? Or will they fear you because you're wild and crazy?

Fear & Respect is currently scheduled to be released on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 later this year. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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