F.E.A.R. 3 spooking 360, PS3, PC this fall

Warner Bros. announces third installment in first-person shooter series; will feature all-new co-op mode; horror-film veteran John Carpenter advising, Day 1 developing.


Horror gamers have reason to be apprehensive once again. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced that it is readying F.E.A.R. 3 for release this fall on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Mustaches still invoke F.E.A.R. in many.
Mustaches still invoke F.E.A.R. in many.

Unlike previous installments, primary development of the game will be handled by Day 1 Studios, which worked on the PS3 and 360 console ports of the original F.E.A.R. Monolith Productions, which was the lead developer on the first two F.E.A.R. games, will not be involved, having "passed the torch" according to Warner Bros. Previous Day 1 titles include Fracture for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and MechAssault 2 for the original Xbox.

F.E.A.R. 3 will be the third full-fledged installment in the first-person shooter series, which began in 2005. The forthcoming game will continue the franchise's storyline but will add an all new "divergent co-op" mode that will let players assume the role of one of two characters. Players can step into the shoes of Point Man, the genetically engineered supersoldier who appeared in the first F.E.A.R. or his brother Paxton Fettel, who has telekinetic powers. Warner says the two characters will provide completely different storylines from each individual's perspective.

In an effort to enhance the horror element of F.E.A.R. 3, Warner Bros. has enlisted horror film director John Carpenter to advise on development on the game. After coming to prominence with the 1978 cult hit Halloween, the filmmaker has been behind the camera on such cult hits as Escape from New York, the remake of The Thing, and They Live, costarring voice acting veteran Keith David.

For more on the F.E.A.R. series, check out GameSpot's video review of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin below.

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Good game

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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This PC franchise quickly went down the toilet after it was made specifically for the consoles and Monolith was taken over by WB. Graphics looks horribly outdated as well as gameplay.

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I'm worried. The PS3 port of FEAR sucked and I don't think Fracture was such a hit. Plus John Carptener's last PS3 game sucked. Sigh. I don't have much hope for this game but I loved Part 2 so I'll check it out.

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To Deus_Ex_Fan: Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate are not considered canon I don't think, as by that point Vivendi Universal still owned the name and could do whatever they wanted with it. I really did enjoy Extraction Point though, it was alot of fun. I haven't played the single player FEAR 2 DLC story I must mention. As for ruining the franchise, FEAR 2 did it by going for cheap thrills and by copying staples of other console games. The game's design was also very "off" in relevance to the previous game, and the lack of reverence somewhat killed the coherent feel needed to make it feel like a FEAR title. Also the supernatural bit was taken way to far, it was cheap, and just another rip off of horror movies. FEAR 1 kept it relatively mysterious, and controlled.

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What killed the F.E.A.R. series is whatever was canon was destroyed in the sequels and then F.E.A.R. 2. It's very difficult to get into the game beyond the saturday night slasher horror and shooting if there's no storyline to make sense of what you're doing. MP it's not even needed, but the SP side there needs to be a consistent and coherent backstory. This is a step in the right direction for those who want more than just shooting (horror games like this are rare). I hope this time there will be some characters that will live between expansions, too. Killing everyone just ruined it, causing me to just want to play once and forget the series. Horror Twilight Zone franchise? Now that would be unique!

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i'm shock when i know Monolith pass the torch to Day 1. Monolith's F.E.A.R. is a superb title and i like it a lot. If Monolith make F.3.A.R. then no doubt it will be amazing. But now, i'm just hoping Day 1 can keep up with Monolith

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This series has been one of my favorites. I look forward to this next chapter. I hope that the new developer, Day 1 Studios will bring a new dimension to the game. With JC offering advice, well it looks to become a bit more demented, this is good. All I hope is that they keep in touch with the games original developers Monolith, because Day 1 Studios will need to get it right or be dammed for ruining this next chapter!

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A little tuning would be better, i mean the first game introduced the new more realistic destructible shooter mechanics and intense firefights which was awesome but it was a few years ago and now its not up to date, i would be surprised if things adjusted for the next-gen of gaming, good luck to Day1 and um John Carpenter?Well at least he is way better than Uwe Boll.

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this is really going to make or break the series. fear 2 was kinda dissapointing(except the last scene, which was dope) but handing the devolpment off to a different company like day 1(which doesnt look too bad, cause their games have been well recieved) is a smart move. I just hope F3AR can give the series the boost it needs

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another thing- looking at most of the comments below- wow, i'm truly disapointed. i thought that p.o. was better in almost every way than the first fear game. negatives- missed the 'lean' function. btw- origin's storyline was incredible and extremely adult oriented, the environments were a billion times better than the first game.

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project origin is one of my favorite games. i'm really freaked that monolith isn't making pt.3. day 1??? seriously??? how does anyone just 'fill' the shoes of developers that have pretty much revolutionized enemy a.i.???

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i can't wait to know what happens next in f.e.a.r 3. what i want to see is even more scarier moments and mind tricks

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hope its better than f.e.a.r. 2

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it better be scary....

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I knew this game was being developed six or seven months ago. I can't say HOW I knew *YET* but I will as soon as I get the thumbs up. :D

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no idea.........

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John Carpenter is good news, but Day 1 Studios worries me.

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Awesome news!!!!!

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FEAR 3 will amazing, this is great news!!

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yes i hope fear3 looks like fear1 not fear2

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I hope FEAR 3 is better than FEAR 2. 2 was alright but it seemed to be half-baked in some aspects even though they were stepping away from the hallway shooter that FEAR 1 was. I'll wait tentatively for a review of this game.

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Let's hope the game engine looks and feels fresh. I was hoping Monolith would develop and revamp their engine. Having that said, I've never played a FEAR games, other than demos, so I don't have much to say, other than this might be the first FEAR game I buy due to co-op. I loved co-op on RE5.

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Let's hope they wrap up the story this time, the FEAR series is slowly losing its luster. The first one was a godsend and was a masterpiece. I replayed over and over. The expansions were okay and it tied me over to the sequel, which was....good but definitely didn't reach the heights of its predecessor. Maybe a new developer can bring in some fresh ideas. After this though, no more FEAR games, I don't think there's any more story to tell...unless Alma bangs more soldiers!

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One on hand, I'm kind of mad that Monolith isn't working on this new title. On the other hand, it's not like they did a particularly good job with FEAR 2 anyhow. Maybe passing the game to a fresh developer is just what the series needs.

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Wow, what an epic fail! FEAR 1 for PC was incredible, then FEAR 2 was...a bit of a misstep, somewhat consolized, but still sort of ok. I still had hope that Monolith, being kings of horror can learn from it and pull this one off; but now THIS?! Frak man, they might as well just end the series right now...

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Still Adia is the theme song previously used in the other games. Thank Sarah McLachlan for Adia.

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Better be good.

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I'm not going to complain about the game before I've even played it, the trailer for F.3.A.R. was awesome and some of the best Paxton Fettel dialogue I've heard since Extraction Point. Any F.E.A.R. news is good news to me.

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OH but it better not suck like Fracture did otherwise...I don't know.

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Haha sweet can't wait. Thought FEAR 1 for ps3 sucked, but FEAR 2 was awesome. Can't wait for FEAR 3.

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Jeez, get it right, GameSpot... it's written "F.3.A.R.". The prequel to the enivitable "F.E.4.R.". They should have stopped after the first F.E.A.R. game if you ask me. But you didn't...

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No.... what needs to happen is this series gets put on ice until Monolith can get enough time to put some fresh new ideas and gameplay into a follow-up. Isn't Day 1 responsible for those crappy F.E.A.R. Files iterations that made me want to upchuck?!? THIS fully displays the downside of being swallowed up by a big Publisher... yes you have more money at your disposal for development, but they are quick to force developers to put unpolished and uninspiring titles on the market to turn a quick buck. This hasty influence from WB was written all over F.E.A.R. 2. The first installment was too stellar to think otherwise. Give Monolith some time and freedom, and I assure you they will be able to put out another F.E.A.R. game that we can all enjoy.

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The second FEAR changed all the complaints of the first one, like the bland environments and little variety in missons, which was welcome. But they got rid of all the successes, such as Brilliant AI that forced you to think on your feet and engage in epic firefights, brilliant orchestration: I loved the music, and atmosphere. Bring those back!

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@ IUltimateOneI That picture as far as im concerned is nothing. The graphics actually keep up with modern games. It really does not look bad. That is probably some crap edited image they grabbed for s**ts and giggles.

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Hope it's not dumbed down like FEAR 2 was.FEAR 1 was indeed such an absolute masterpiece, easily one of the best FPS's ever created, it's a damn shame what they pulled with FEAR 2. Thinking about it, judging by this developers track record, it sounds like they just don't care about the series anymore.

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F.E.A.R was epic. Intense single player campaign with a great multiplayer to boot. F.E.A.R 2, had a great single player campaign (not as great as the original) but a subpar and pretty much bad multiplayer. Overall, it was okay, but could have been MUCH better. Both games were still pretty good in my books. Looking forward to "F3AR". One thing im NOT looking forward to though, is the fact that Day 1 is developing this game. Fracture sucked. Lets hope they don't make F.E.A.R 3 bad yeah?

Avatar image for MrOrmond

Wait wait wait, so Monolith makes FEAR 2, makes a completely new character, a terrible story, and a graphical look so similar to Condemned it wasn't even funny. Then you kick them off of development, and reintroduce the Point Man and we're supposed to pretend nothing happened?

Avatar image for Nightmareplus

FEAR = Epic FEAR2 = Nothing special (That is being kind) FEAR3 = ?????? Without Monolith I think FEAR3 could be even worse then FEAR2. Might totally avoid this game despite loving the original.

Avatar image for Cobretti1818

Monolith dodged this bullit like point man would.

Avatar image for drswank

It's just not FEAR without Monolith IMO. Paxton Fettel as a playable character though? Wow. Interesting to see how he became one of the "good guys".

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I loved the surgery part.haha

Avatar image for johny300

I want to be scared in fear 3 fear 2 was when alma apear you say okay so what? i want to be afraid of her like the game dead space when those monster suddenly apear. why change monolith. maybe its a good sign lets be patient.

Avatar image for FortisEM

I think it's good that Monolith passed this on to another dev team. FEAR 2 was a huge letdown considering how superb the original is. I am eager to see new life breathed into this series.

Avatar image for vader501st

At least F.E.A.R. series try something different than your run-off-the-mill shooter, which many of you seem to love. (Even if the genre is becoming tedious) Also, be thankful for the fact that this is a decent game that's not on the dirty hands of Craptivision, and stop complaining for a change.

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Good fear 3 i was really scratching my head at the ending of fear 2 .

Avatar image for glez13

FEAR 2 was just a good game, nothing special, unlike the first. Now that Monolith passed the torch, I'm even less interested.

Avatar image for TwistedMetalFan

FEAR 2 was just okay at best, and now the Monolith is not behind it, I have almost no faith in this one. Especially considering the 2nd fear came out barely over a year ago, this doesn't look good, I'll keep my eye on it anyway.

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No Monolith no FEAR

Avatar image for GeneralHawx

give it up already