FaZe Clan Is Launching An SNL-style Show On Twitch

UnFaZed will air weekly on Twitch, starting in June.


FaZe Clan, the esports and entertainment organisation, has announced it will be launching its own Saturday Night Live inspired series, named unFaZed.

The series will be a weekly show that will air on the live streaming platform Twitch every Thursday, starting on June 2, and is targeted toward the Gen Z audience. UnFaZed is described as "the first-ever variety franchise born out of internet culture," that will feature a recurring cast of internet personalities, but hosted by a rotating roster of guests. Each episode will also be around three to four hours long and include scripted and non-scripted segments.

FaZe Clain is also producing the previously announced Big Brother-style show called FaZe1: The Warehouse, a competition series that will be live-streamed 24 hours a day for 15 days straight on Twitch, starting on May 5.

“Those are two tentpoles for us and we plan on doing multiple seasons,” said Bill McCullough, FaZe Clan’s executive vice president and head of content.

"Some of it is going to be on our YouTube channel, some of it we’re going to take off platform and try and sell to other distributors in an effort to kind of grow our audience and broaden the platforms and the reach that we have and maybe expose a new audience to FaZe Clan. And that’s happening both in the unscripted and scripted world."

FaZe Clan’s vice president of development, Nic Gibbs, also shared his thoughts on the projects, saying, "What ‘SNL’ is to comedy, ‘unFaZed’ is to internet kids. That is aspirationally what we want to be."

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