'Father of the PlayStation' adopts new startup

Former Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Ken Kutaragi said to be developing "an advanced platform for entertainment" built on cloud computing.


Former Sony Computer Entertainment chairman and CEO Ken Kutaragi gained his fame as the "Father of the PlayStation." The Japanese executive is credited as the inventor of Sony's defining entrance into the home gaming console market in 1994 and followed that success with the monumentally successful PlayStation 2 in 2000. Before departing SCE in 2007, Kutaragi also took the brunt of the blame for the PlayStation 3's floundering beginnings.

Ken Kutaragi
Ken Kutaragi

Today, Japanese business daily Nikkei Net reports that Kutaragi has reemerged at the head of a new Internet startup, named Cyber AI Entertainment. Reportedly incorporated during the latter part of October, Cyber AI focuses on networking technologies. The company has reportedly received investments totaling ¥20 million ($222,700), and Kutaragi serves as president of the business with a 90 percent stake in the company.

"We'll initially focus on research and development relating to information processing, targeting cutting-edge networking operations," Kutaragi said of the company's operations. Nikkei Net also reports that Kutaragi has made overtures toward developing "an advanced platform for entertainment" that taps into Internet-based development and processing, better known as cloud computing. No other details on the project were revealed, however.

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