Fate of the Dragon site opens

Eidos' historically based real-time strategy game has a new Flash site.


Fate of the Dragon

Eidos has launched a new Flash site for its real-time strategy game Fate of the Dragon. The game follows the story of the 14th-century Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, in which the fall of the Eastern Han Dynasty led to a turbulent period of rival warlords and territorial warfare. In Fate of the Dragon, players assume the role of one of three warlords, build a regime, develop new technologies, and create an army to take control of the other two kingdoms and ultimately reunify China under a single ruler.

Fate of the Dragon was announced last April, and a playable demo was released in December. The game is scheduled for release in March. For more information you can visit the new Flash site and try playing the demo, which is linked below.

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