Fate of the Dragon Demo Available

Eidos releases a playable demo for its real-time strategy game set in third-century China.


Fate of the Dragon

Eidos Interactive has released a playable demo of Fate of the Dragon, its upcoming real-time strategy game set in ancient China after the collapse of the Eastern Han Dynasty in 220 AD. The game is in development at Overmax Studio. Players assume the role of one of three rival warlords who have taken control of individual territories and split China into three kingdoms. Each kingdom has unique characteristics based on the historical Three Kingdoms period. The warlords build armies, research new technology, make alliances and trade agreements, and battle one another in a war to reunite China under one ruler.

Fate of the Dragon includes historical single-player campaigns based on actual events, as well as complete multiplayer support for up to eight players in head-to-head or cooperative modes. The playable demo can be downloaded from the link below.

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