Fatal1ty, Flash, and Mvp three highest-earning pro gamers in eSports

ESportsearnings.com lists earnings of up to $454,000 from 40 tournaments.


Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Website eSports Earnings has published a list of the highest-paid professional gamers as of 2013, with Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, Lee "Flash" Young Ho, and "Jung "Mvp" Jong Hyun in the top three.

Fatal1ty earned about $454,000 out of being really great at Quake III and UT 2004.
Fatal1ty earned about $454,000 out of being really great at Quake III and UT 2004.

Fatal1ty, who is known for winning four player-of-the-year awards with the Cyberathlete Professional League and a championship title with World Cyber Games, earned a total of $454,544.98 from 35 tournaments. Renowned Starcraft II professional players Flash and Mvp earned $437,114.53 from 40 tournaments and $377,116.37 from 42 tournaments, respectively.

The list does not take into account sponsorship deals and Twitch streaming income. For more on eSports, check out GameSpot's recent coverage on Evolution 2k13.

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