Fatal Inertia building for PS3 launch

Futuristic racing game from Koei's new Canadian studio planned as Japanese launch game for Sony's new console.


Fatal Inertia EX

While the software lineup for Microsoft's Xbox 360 launch November 22 is still largely up in the air, confirmation has already come on the first definite launch game for the PlayStation 3. Koei today announced that Fatal Inertia, one of the first games from its new Canadian studio, will be ready for release in time for Sony's Japanese PS3 launch, currently planned for next spring.

Set in the 23rd century, Fatal Inertia is a combat-driven racer with interactive, natural environments and an emphasis on the game's physics engine. Koei's putting so much emphasis on these parts of the game that each ship's weapons aren't intended to cause direct damage so much as they create different physics-based effects. For example, a well-placed shot could bump opponents into trackside obstacles or send rock slides crashing down on their ships.

Koei's announced PS3 lineup also includes the action games Blade Storm: Hundred Years War and Ni-Oh, as well as Mahjong Taikai. For more on Fatal Inertia, including in-game footage, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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