Fast-Paced Shooter Pistol Whip Comes To PSVR This Summer

Inspired by films like John Wick, Pistol Whip aims to put you in the driving seat of your own action movie.


There are some games that seem ubiquitous with virtual reality, specifically Beat Saber, Superhot, and the recently released Half-Life: Alyx. In a similar way to how Beat Saber made a name for itself quickly, Pistol Whip did the same last year when it launched on PC. And later this year, it's coming to PlayStation VR.

Inspired by the high-octane action sequences from films like John Wick, Pistol Whip is an on-rails first-person shooter where matching your shots to the beat of the music feels as good as getting it on target. The bass-heavy soundtrack and psychedelic visuals aim to get your blood pumping, as you're gently scrolled down corridors filled with enemies for you to shoot and melee.

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Pistol Whip doesn't force you to stick to its musical rhythm if you don't want to either, giving players the space to just enjoy its shooting or aim for high scores by perfecting a balance between precision and timing. Pistol Whip will launch with multiple stages and modifiers, each of which can make stages more challenging or encourage new styles of play.

Developer Cloudhead Games makes special mention of the game's comfort in motion in the announcement, detailing how its developers have worked hard on ensuring Pistol Whip feels fast and frenetic without inducing motion sickness. With PSVR having the least accurate VR tracking out of all consumer devices, it'll be interesting to see how this translates.

Pistol Whip is out this summer on PSVR, with a firm date coming in the next few weeks. It's a nice surprise after Iron Man VR was delayed so recently, being pushed back to an indefinite date from its original May 15 release.

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