Farpoint Dev Discusses What He Wants To Be Better In Next Version Of PSVR

Better controls, a wider field of view, and room scale would help, the developer said.

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Although the PlayStation VR has sold well since its release last year, there's still a lot of room for improvement. The creator of Gran Turismo recently discussed what he thinks VR needs to succeed; now, the developer of the PS4-exclusive shooter Farpoint has shared his own thoughts on where PSVR might go in the future.

In an interview with Finder, Impulse Gear founder Seth Luisi was asked what he hopes the next iteration of the PSVR headset will be. In response, Luisi emphasized the importance of controllers and controller tracking--not surprising, considering Farpoint uses the PSVR Aim controller.

"We do feel that controls and controller tracking are very important," he said. "We are able to achieve a lot with the Aim controller and I would love to see that taken further. So I would probably put Move 2.0 at the top."

But he also said that having room-scale VR like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive is also a top priority. "I think room-scale would come along just behind that," he added.

Luisi further discussed the significance of resolution, arguing that he believes it isn't pixel count that matters most, but rather the headset's field of view. "Having a wider field of view can make you feel more immersed in the world, and I think that will be a big focus [for Sony] going forward," he explained.

Farpoint was released in May and sold relatively well, becoming the highest-charting VR game ever on the UK sales chart. In his 7/10 review of Farpoint, critic Justin Clark wrote, "It'll give you a taste of something new for PSVR, and give you hints of what to look forward to if the Aim controller attracts wider support. It's going to be hard to go back to two Move controllers now that Sony's new toy has made a case for itself."

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