FarmVille Developer Zynga Posts $63 Million Net Loss

Company projects a $52 and $57 million net loss for third quarter of the year; signs agreements with NFL and Tiger Woods to branch into sports.

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FarmVille developer has posted a $63 million net loss in its second quarter 2014 financial results.

The company has projected its net loss for the third quarter of the year to fall between $52 and $57 million. Earlier this year, Zynga announced that company founder Mark Pincus would step down from his role as Chief Product Officer to "focus on serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors."

In the same earnings call, Zynga announced its plans to take its first steps into the sports genre, starting with football. The company has announced its signing of a multi-year licensing agreement with the National Football League and NFL Players Inc., the marketing and licensing branch of the NFL Players Association.

The agreements will allow Zynga to incorporate the use of real-life NFL teams and athletes in its software. Zynga released NFL Showdown today in select regions, a game in which players run a team by stepping into the role of coach, general manager, and owner.

Zynga has also announced the signing of golfer Tiger Woods to an exclusive, multi-year, multi-platform partnership. The deal will see Zynga create "breakthrough mobile games that bring the world of Tiger Woods golf to life." The first of these is expected to launch on mobile platforms next year.

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Avatar image for Stepn2myworld

Here's hoping Zynga is crushed underneath the heel of rising operating losses. This for company that lacks a single innovative thought and its build on the back of other ideas.

Avatar image for phenomfawaz

Die Zynga!

Avatar image for ArchoNils2

Hope it goes bankrupt... It represents all that's wrong in gaming

Avatar image for anitasockmywang

Could not happen to a nicest company.

Avatar image for jako998

isn't that the place Don Mattrick went to after messing up and ruining the image of Xbox one ?

Avatar image for blackace

As soon as they got Don Mattrick it's been all downhill. I'm glad Microsoft got rid of that cancer from the XBox brand. He was suppose to go there and make things better. None of that has happened. If anything, he has made things worse. Maybe they can try Adam Orth next.

Avatar image for terrariafan247

Good to see Zynga are failing, they are a cancer to gaming.

Avatar image for Rayzakk

After their big push for same-sex marriage I'm glad to see them losing money.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Why are people acting like Mattrick is to blame? Zynga was doomed before he got there. They have no plan, their current assets devalue by the day as people get tired of their mobile/facebook garbage, and they aren't producing anything new.

Avatar image for Hurvl

The casuals have tired of dancing to Zynga's tune, gotten tired of their Zyng-along (like sing-along but worse). Good!

Avatar image for maxpowr3

Mattrick has the "brown touch": everything he touches turns to crap.

Avatar image for Saladudo

My magic 8-ball says "Good Riddance!"

Avatar image for lovely_dime

Good to see Don's hitting his targets

Avatar image for demondogx

just face it zynga, you burned all youre bridges, even casual gamers hate you

Avatar image for Ghosthunter54

Wonder how long it took them to regret hiring Microsoft's old CEO?

Avatar image for spartanx169x

Good Job Mattrick. or is he still there?

Avatar image for wexorian

how they could loose Pure income srsly? ???? if i would make crappy game like farmvile generate some money , i would had made indie game studio and would not had followed FB crap!!

Avatar image for Techtroll

What they get for hiring that douche bag Matrick lmao!!

Avatar image for SipahSalar

Too little loss. I pray that they suffer such a loss that anyone anwhere if so much so even thinks about making alot of money from a cheapass game, they get nightmares for a month. Nightmares of Lovecraftian proportions.

Avatar image for Saidrex

Time for bus to hit this dog.

Avatar image for Pupchu

<< LINK REMOVED >> But then someone had to clean the bus... :(

Avatar image for Saidrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> that's why they hored overpaid janitor - Don Mattrick

Avatar image for Pupchu

Don Don Mattrick.

Avatar image for rickphoenixxx

I hope Mattrick doesn't become CEO of the company i work for, sheesh.

Avatar image for SipahSalar

<< LINK REMOVED >> I dont think it will happen unless you work for

Avatar image for smokeless_0225

I wish every game company that asked their consumers (of certain games like Farmville) to send out massive game invites over social media would have such a loss.

Avatar image for kingtrax

Mattrick was a plant so Microsoft could bring them down. Keep up the good work Mattrick!

Avatar image for warriors30

Good. Keep it up.

Avatar image for blackothh

Your backwards!

But in a more serious note, we may see the end of zynga soon? That would be swell!

Avatar image for b74kd3th

Mattrick takes the game out of company

Avatar image for so_hai

Easy come, easy go.

Avatar image for Paulf001

Don Mattrick isn't a very good leader. Any time he opened his mouth at E3 people at MS were probably thinking will you just shut up. Telling people that always online was good and if they don't like it they can stick with 360. Stuff like that.

Avatar image for 91210user

Keeping in mind that the first CEO took loads of money and ran leaving all his employees to deal with the problems, just like this problem here and departing from Facebook.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Zynga and all its mobile/facebook "game" developer ilk should be put out to pasture.

Avatar image for rabbitcancer

and so the legacy of shit from Don Mattrick spreads to another domain (not that I'll mourn Zynga)

Avatar image for funkyzoom

This is a direct consequence of hiring Don Mattrick. He tried to screw things up at Microsoft with his ridiculous XBox One policies, and now he has contributed a great deal towards Zynga incurring losses

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

<< LINK REMOVED >> Zynga was going down the tubes before he got there.

Avatar image for rabbitcancer

<< LINK REMOVED >> they were already losing money. Mattrick has simply compounded the problem.

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

YES! There is a god!

Avatar image for spikepigeo

*kicks it while it's down(repeatedly)* DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!



Avatar image for SipahSalar

<< LINK REMOVED >> Dont forget to use the other foot as well dear sir.

Avatar image for LoveSack

Enter the Mattricks

Avatar image for CyberLips


Avatar image for nothingformoney

Don Mattrick is really doing a great job

Avatar image for cruonline

It's not Don's fault... BaZYNGA ;-)

Avatar image for BehemothBlade

Great news in the morning!

Oh yeah!

Avatar image for Vodoo

So glad Don Mattrick is tanking. He totally screwed up the XB1 and now he's sinking Zynga. Hopefully after this he'll be forced out of the games industry for good.

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