Far Cry v1.2 patch withdrawn

Publisher Ubisoft has removed the update from its official Web sites, citing incompatibilities with hardware configurations.


Far Cry

Ubisoft decided to withdraw the recently released, and long-awaited, Far Cry v1.2 patch from its official Web sites. Citing conflicts with several hardware configurations, Ubisoft said that it has asked German developer Crytek to work on delivering a new patch for the acclaimed PC shooter.

The v1.2 patch seems to be incompatible with ATI graphics cards, with many users complaining of constant game crashes or sluggish frame rates. Besides adding quicksaves and tweaking multiplayer balance issues, the update was supposed to improve the experience of players using Nvidia graphics cards, who experienced some problems in the original game.

Ubisoft posted a short note on the official Far Cry Web site that reads as follows:

"Far Cry patch 1.2 has shown unexpected behavior on specific hardware configurations. These matters are mainly due to incompatibilities with several optimizations brought lately to the code, with the intent to please a large number of users.

We’re currently asking Crytek to work on delivering a new patch as soon as possible. Until then we have decided to remove the patch 1.2 from the official Ubisoft websites."

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