Far Cry Primal PC Release Date Revealed, Comes After PS4/Xbox One

PC players will have to wait an extra week.


The PC version of Ubisoft's prehistoric Far Cry game, Primal, will launch on March 1, 2016, Ubisoft has announced. That's a week after the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions ship on February 23.

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When Primal was announced back in October, Ubisoft said only that the PC edition would arrive sometime in March. No explanation for the slight delay was provided, but Ubisoft has a history of shipping the PC versions of multiplatform games after the console editions are released.

That was the case most recently with Assassin's Creed Syndicate; the Xbox One/PS4 versions debuted on October 23, while the PC edition arrived November 19. In the case of Syndicate, Ubisoft spent the extra month working on "stability and optimizing" efforts.

We've followed up with Ubisoft in an attempt to learn more about why the PC version of Primal is coming later than consoles.

GameSpot recently played a chunk of Primal; you can read our impressions here. In addition, you can watch 10 minutes of gameplay footage in the video above. For more, check out the stories below.

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If FPSs get to be good melee combat games with worlds such a as this, I MIGHT be interested.

Avatar image for ughz

As a far cry fan I have to admit, I'm not even halfway through FC4 and I really don't need another far cry game for years. Ubisoft, try making a new ip.

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UPlay = no play

Avatar image for Darkhol0w

Uugh..typical Ubisoft. -,-

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which will get pushed to one month, per the usual

Avatar image for Wiro_

I can wait one week. That's no problem at all. Just make sure the game is shipped in an optimized state. Far Cry 4 on PC got a lot of post-release optimizations.

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Nice mod. 6

Avatar image for 88mikelll

Why would I want to pay 60 dollars for what looks like a caveman mod for Far Cry 4?

Avatar image for validifyed

@88mikelll: Why would you pay 60 dollars for what looks like a caveman mod of a re-skin mod of Far Cry 3? :3

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@88mikelll: Why are you asking us?

Avatar image for 88mikelll

@Mogan: why are you asking me why I am asking you?

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@88mikelll: Do you really have to ask?

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@88mikelll: I'll likely only pay $25 for the cd key on PC, better graphics, lower prices. papa johns!

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@bobafetthatesu: Love the comment!! XD we just Peyton Manning in the background!

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looks awfully boring

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It's only for Europe, isn't?

Avatar image for Darkhol0w

@ricardo-seneNo..for the platform. :

Avatar image for Keitha313

The fact they're not talking about an overhaul on the gameplay mechanic makes me worry about this game, I hated the sections of Far Cry 4 where we had to go into that tribal time period so...

I have a huge doubt that I will like this.

Avatar image for BeefoTheBold

To be honest, the game has looked pretty mediocre to me so far. Combine that with the craptastic endings for the last two Far Cry games and I'm okay waiting for a Steam sale, let alone waiting a week after the console release.

Avatar image for cboye18

I was interested at first but after watching the gameplay video I completely lost it. It's Far Cry 3 again with different coating. The franchise has been dumbed down IMO and the Beast-Mastery implementation will make the game even more easier than it should be. Ubisoft needs to evolve their games; they need to improvise the AI, change their known formulaic mission structure, design a new engine to bring new gameplay mechanics to the mix, hire new writers as the plot of their games are boring and uninteresting etc etc.

But why do that when you can milk the franchises to the death and people will still buy them? I'll just take a break from Ubisoft games until they decide to actually improve and built upon their games (if that even happens).

Avatar image for Saidrex

@cboye18: *facepalm* and Far Cry 3 is just like any other shooter released in last 15 years - CAN YOU STUPID PEOPLE STOP WITH THESE DUMB COMPARISONS.

These are not just coats of paints, Far Cry 4 was a huge improvement over Far Cry 3 which was mediocre at best. Real sequel. I'm completely okay if they continue to improve formula instead of introducing new one and continue releasing smaller spin-offs like Blood Dragon and Primal between games.

Avatar image for cboye18

@Saidrex: Far Cry 3 was significantly improved over Far Cry 2, which was technically much better than the original Far Cry. But judging by your comment that Far Cry 4 is actually a SIGNIFICANT improvement over 3, you're probably blind to see the similarities.

Avatar image for Saidrex

@cboye18: no Far Cry is better than first Far Cry. They took series in completely different direction, not improved with Far Cry 2.

Far Cry 4 is significant improvement over Far Cry 3 - better gameplay, new gameplay mechanics, better story, better characters, more guns, rebalanced skills, massively improved UI and controls. Of course they are similar but is it a bad thing? Far Cry 3 is very similar to Far Cry 2, I don't see you complaining about that.

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@Saidrex: "no Far Cry is better than first Far Cry"


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@cboye18: As long as "Ubisoft title" is selling they aren't going to innovate. Most of their open world franchises have followed the same boring flow for the last 8 years.

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PC gamers reaction : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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@creepywelps: 4K>900p

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@bobafetthatesu: VR > 4K

Avatar image for validifyed

@Zloth2: Well it goes without saying, VR is something close to running 2 4k monitors lol

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@bobafetthatesu: 300$>2000$

Avatar image for creepywelps

@bobafetthatesu: Yes sir.