Far Cry Primal Introducing Permadeath With Survivor Mode Coming Soon

Players will be able to enable permadeath, which means you'll have to restart if you die.


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Players looking for more of a challenge in Far Cry Primal might just get it in a couple weeks. The open-world stone age game will receive a Survivor Mode in a free update on April 12.

Ubisoft announced the news in its blog. Far Cry Primal director Thomas Simon said Survivor mode will make exploration, crafting, and the difficulty "more realistic." He also says you'll be able to play it on any difficulty and enable permadeath--if you die, your game is over, and you have to restart.

Survivor mode brings a stamina gauge to the game that will make you slower and weaker as it drains. The only way you'll be able to regain your stamina is to sleep. The mode will also remove the minimap, make human and animal encounters more rare, and add a cost to fast travelling--food and stamina will be consumed.

Crafting will take time, instead of being instant, and you'll have to craft "cold-weather gear" as you'll be more sensitive to the cold. Your Hunter Vision, on the other hand, will be increased, making it easier to spot enemies and animals. You're apparently going to need it for "the longer, darker, deadlier nights" that will be present in the new mode.

Lastly, the blog touches upon beasts that you can tame. They're not going to be as powerful as they are in the normal mode, while more powerful animals like bears and sabretooths will now need to be taken down to half-health before you can tame them. Your beasts will also be susceptible to permadeath whether you are or not--even legendary beasts like the Bloodfang Sabretooth will be gone forever if they die.

Survivor mode will make its way to Far Cry Primal on April 12 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Additionally, the new mode will bring 4K textures to the PC version.

In related news, a recent patch added the ability to remove the HUD entirely from Far Cry Primal. And if you didn't get the preorder DLC, you can buy it now for seven dollars.

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This isn't the sort of game that's paced for permadeath. Less frequent saving, like only at Wenja village and certain unlocked outposts, maybe, but not permadeath. I just don't see the appeal of having to start the entire game over, boring interactive cutscenes and all, if you happen to miss a jump. Besides that permadeath is easily done without needing it to be built into the game, people just need to have self-control to quit to the main menu and start over when they die. Pokemon doesn't have permadeath programmed into it and people still do Nuzlocke runs.

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The Dark Souls effect is spreading. . GOOD!

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Whoa. I might consider buying this now. I played it once and didn't really see any challenge in it. Good graphics but there wasn't really any intensity to the fighting and I never really felt like I was in danger. I don't know if I would play on permadeath but the survival mode sounds like exactly what this game needs.

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What's with all the survival modes these days. Minecraft sure did its part.

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@Kruiz_Bathory: Yeah, I am growing tired of them.

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@alien33: Tired of what? You can always chose NOT to play survival mode. . sheesh people just love to moan and whine for absolutely NO reason.

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This sounds amazing, it's exactly what I wanted out of this game, making it it's own game instead of a FC4 reskin (which I personally never thought it was) still gonna wait awhile, but much more excited for it now.

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Talking about realism is pointless, when Mammoths are running around like cat chasing a laser pointer.

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Forget Dark Souls for challenging gameplay, real bad asses play Far Cry Primal.

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That's great news actually.

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the perma death for the animal followers doesnt sound good but otherwise it sounds like a challange it should have a platinium trophy to complete the game on perma death on the high difficulty

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@alaannn: why not just have the animals limp away if they are getting beaten instead of animal perma death?

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@McNeelyJ39: that would be better for gameplay they could go back to a base to heal