Far Cry Instincts ships out

The Xbox-exclusive console version of Ubisoft's popular PC shooter is now available.


Far Cry

For a year and a half, Xbox owners have looked on jealously as PC gamers have played the critically acclaimed Far Cry. Starting today, though, console jockeys will be able to dive into the game's jungle setting. Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry Instincts has shipped to stores, where it will sell for $49.99. Following the cancellation of a planned PlayStation 2 version, the game is now exclusive to Microsoft's console.

Far Cry Instincts is rated M for Mature, and for good reason. Like the PC Far Cry, the first-person shooter is packed with ultraviolent action, following hero Jack Carver as he battles a mercenary army on a remote tropical island, Besides using an arsenal of ranged and melee weapons--ranging from a butterfly knife to a rocket launcher---Players will be able to set environmental traps, like spike pits, branch whips, and swinging logs.

While it retains the same basic story arc of the original, Far Cry Instincts will not be a direct port. Instead of the 20 levels offered by the PC game, it has 14 set on four different islands, each with its own theme. Also, while it has the same locations and view-distance of Far Cry, Instincts sports "improved gameplay scenarios" that will offer players more choices in their struggle for survival.

Far Cry Instincts will include standard split-screen multiplayer action offline. It also has an extensive online mode and even lets players build custom maps so they can upload them onto Xbox Live. Check back later in the week for a full review of the game.

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