Far Cry Instinct preorders net free Rainbow Six 3

Ubisoft is once again giving away the old to those who reserve the new.


Far Cry

If getting one big-name Ubisoft shooter for $50 is fine, then getting two for the same price must be twice as nice. So goes the logic behind the company's announcement today that customers who preorder its upcoming Far Cry Instincts for the Xbox from select outlets will receive a copy of 2003's Rainbow Six 3 for free.

Customers ordering the game online can go to the Ubisoft Store, GameStop, or EB Games to take advantage of the offer, while those preferring to put the money down in person can visit a brick-and-mortar GameCrazy, GameRush, Hastings, EB Games, or GameStop to do the deed.

Scheduled to ship September 27, Far Cry Instincts takes the 2004 PC shooter Far Cry and reworks it with new weapons, abilities, and vehicles for Microsoft's console. As Jack Carver, players will have to take on an elite mercenary fighting force in a lush jungle paradise. Surviving in the wild will require Carver to get in touch with his predatory side, not to mention becoming handy with ranged and melee weapons, setting traps, learning the art of stealth, and handling an array of vehicles, from gunboats to hang gliders.

This is the second such preorder incentive Ubisoft has announced this month; people who reserve a copy of Rainbow Six: Lockdown for the PlayStation 2 or Xbox can snag a free copy of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

Far Cry Instincts is rated M for Mature and carries a retail price of $49.99. Rainbow Six 3 is rated M for Mature and normally fetches $19.99 when purchased directly from Ubisoft. For more on Far Cry Instincts, check out GameSpot's hands-on impressions of the game.

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