Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control DLC Gets January 11 Release Date

Starting next week, Far Cry 6 players can take control of series' former villain, Pagan Min, in a new, rouguelite inspired update.


Pagan: Control, the second major DLC headed to Far Cry 6, now has a release date--and its much sooner than you might have expected. Starting on January 11, Far Cry 6 players will be able to take control of Pagan Min, the soft-spoken yet always-extravagant antagonist of Far Cry 4. The update follows last year's Vaas: Insanity DLC, and is part two of the game's three-part, villain-inspired season pass.

Set within the confines of Min's mind, the upcoming DLC blends "intense action and storytelling" as players explore Min's psyche and attempt to help break the self-proclaimed King of Kyrat's cycle of guilt and violence. In order to perfectly convey the trial-and-error process of growth and self-reflection, Pagan: Control pays tribute to the rougelite genre, meaning each death as Min sends the player back to the start of the DLC with only their accumulated knowledge and skills to help guide them through their second (and third, and fourth...) time around. Last but not least, Far Cry 4 fans will be thrilled to know Min's original voice actor, Troy Baker, will be returning to the Far Cry series for this performance.

Following Pagan: Control, only one infamous Far Cry villain remains to be added into Far Cry 6: Far Cry 5's Joseph Seed. While Ubisoft has not specified exactly when "The Father" will make his Far Cry 6 debut, the company has confirmed it will release sometime later this year.

For those interested in playing Pagan: Control, the expansion is not available to purchase by itself, so you'll need to pick up the Season Pass ($40) to gain access to it. However, with the season pass comes not only Min's DLC, but Vaas: Insanity, Joseph Seed's upcoming story, and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a '80s action-movie inspired spin-off game. Far Cry 6 is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Stadia, as well as on PC through both the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store. Players can also gain access to the content by subscribing to Ubisoft+ on PC, Stadia, Amazon Luna, or Xbox.

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