Far Cry 6 Adding Free Stranger Things, Rambo, And Danny Trejo DLC

Ubisoft announces the post-launch DLC plans for Far Cry 6, and it's extensive.


Ubisoft has announced the DLC roadmap for Far Cry 6's post-launch content, and it includes crossover missions featuring Rambo, Stranger Things, and the actor Danny Trejo.

The missions are part of the free updates coming to Far Cry 6 at some point after launch. Playable solo or in co-op with two players, the DLC includes the crossover missions featuring the characters above, as well as weekly "insurgency" missions and events called operations.

The Insurgencies, as they're called, take place each week after launch on October 7, and they will stay playable even when a new one arrives. The Insurgencies involve players tracking down Anton Castillo's underlings to earn new gear.

The Special Operations, as they're called, take players to "unique new areas" of Far Cry 6's fictional country Yara. "These operations will introduce new gameplay mechanics as players must snatch highly unstable chemical weapons from Anton's arms dealers and get to the extraction point before it overheats," reads a line from its description.

The first two locations are called Mesozoico and Maceo and they will be available at launch. The other four will be released later.

As for the crossover missions, the Danny Trejo mission involves helping Trejo sell his tacos by murdering a lot of people in the Danny & Dani Vs. Everybody DLC. The Rambo All The Blood DLC sees a "Rambo superfan" teaming up with Rambo himself in what is described as a "blood-soaked rampage straight out of an '80s action blockbuster." And in the Far Cry 6 x Stranger Things DLC, The Vanishing, something happens to your cute little dog Chorizo and you must find and save him. Check out the trailer below to see more of all this DLC.

As for Far Cry 6's Season Pass, this includes content that lets you play as some of the most sinister villains from previous games--Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed--with the original actors coming back. This was originally announced back in June.

"Over the course of three DLC releases, players will embody a different villain struggling to escape the horrors of their own minds in a brand new 'die and retry' experience inspired by the roguelite genre," Ubisoft said. "Starting with nothing more than a pistol to defend themselves, players will need to find new weapons and unlock power-ups to become stronger and progress deeper into the depths of the villains’ psyches. Blending intense action and storytelling, each DLC will provide a unique opportunity to better understand each villain's past, personal demons, and motivations."

The Season Pass costs $40 USD on its own, and is bundled with the Gold, Ultimate, and Collector's editions. Here is everything it includes and when the content releases:

Far Cry 6 Season pass Contents

  1. Three DLC episodes, playable solo or co-op with a friend – even if they do not own the Season Pass.
  2. Episode 1: “Vaas: Insanity” planned for release in November 2021.
  3. Episode 2: “Pagan: Control” planned for release in January 2022.
  4. Episode 3: “Joseph: Collapse” planned for release in March 2022.
  5. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. On Windows PC, Season Pass holders will receive the original game released in 2013, while console and Stadia players will receiveFar Cry 3 Blood Dragon: Classic Edition*.
  6. The Blood Dragon Set, which includes seven items usable in the Far Cry 6 main game:
  7. One outfit: Blood Dragon Gear Set
  8. Two weapons: AJM9 and Kobracon
  9. One vehicle: Omega Enforcer
  10. One weapon charm: KillStar
  11. One Fang for Hire: K-9000
  12. One vehicle Chibi: Blood Dragon Chibi

Finally, Ubisoft said there will be "more to come" beyond what's been announced so far. The studio is intent on "building and improving on the core experience with new, yet to be revealed content," Ubisoft said.

Far Cry 6 launches on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Amazon Luna on October 7. The Stadia edition is coming in 2022.

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