Far Cry 5's DLC Trailer Shows Off Martian Fights And Zombies

Zombies, Mars, and more.


Far Cry 5 launches in a couple of weeks on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, well before the full game has launched, Ubisoft has released a trailer teasing future DLC packs--and they look pretty awesome.

In the trailer, Ubisoft specifically calls out Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the retrofuturistic (and hilarious) expansion to Far Cry 3, as a precursor to Far Cry 5's expansions. And, at least from the short look at the new DLCs, they all seem just as over-the-top as Blood Dragon.

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The first DLC is called Hours of Darkness, and it'll take players to the Vietnam War. You'll have to fight against Viet Cong soldiers, fly in helicopters, and meet other American fighters. It all looks very evocative of Rambo and Tropic Thunder.

The next expansion, titled Lost On Mars, tasks you with fighting back against Martian aliens determined to destroy Earth. From the short glimpse in the trailer, you'll have access to energy weapons and other futuristic equipment.

Finally, the third DLC will be Dead Living Zombies, in which players will fight against waves of the undead in several different scenarios. It's a co-op mode, so you'll have to team up to fight against the hordes.

All of these DLC packs are included in Far Cry 5's season pass, which you can grab for $30. In addition to the expansions, you'll also get a copy of Far Cry 3: Classic Edition. In addition, all players will get access to Far Cry 5's level editor, called Arcade, and Live Events following the game's release.

Far Cry 5 launches on March 27 and aims to balance absurd action with serious themes related to religious extremism. There's no word yet on when the expansions will be released. For more on the game, check out some of Far Cry 5's co-op multiplayer gameplay. In addition, you can read about Far Cry 5's minimum and recommended PC specs here.

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