Far Cry 5 Night Bug Plunges Its World Into Permanent Darkness

Players have suggested fixes, but there's nothing official yet.

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Far Cry 5

Like many open-world games, Far Cry 5 features a day/night cycle. Due to an unfortunate bug, however, a large number of players have found their game world plunged into a never-ending darkness.

The issue has affected some of us here at GameSpot; we're stuck permanently playing the game at night, which just isn't ideal--it can be awfully hard to see anything. Around the seven-minute mark of the video above, we notice how dark it is without realizing it's a bug that has actually spawned a sizable forum thread on Ubisoft's support site. In it, numerous players have shared similar stories about perpetual nighttime. Some believe this occurs following the mission The Cleansing, though it's unclear if this is the sole cause. It's also not guaranteed to happen, as not everyone is affected.

Ubisoft has acknowledged the problem in the forum thread, but this problem has continued for over a week with no sign of an official fix. Players on all platforms--PS4, Xbox One, and PC--appear to be affected. A new update has just been released on PC and is on its way to consoles on April 9, but early reports suggest it doesn't fix the problem. The patch notes don't specifically mention it, though unspecified bugs are addressed.

Some players have reported that killing a boss or joining a co-op session can break the nighttime lock, but it doesn't seem to be a foolproof measure. We tested this on PS4 and found that, while we could play in daytime in another player's session, that didn't change things when we returned to our own game world.

In the meantime, as we await a fix, check out the newest episode of Potato Mode, which shows just how bad Far Cry 5's graphics can be (when you can actually see anything, that is).

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