Far Cry 5 Makes Fun Of An Overused Ubisoft Mechanic

Unlocking the map is no longer a mountainous task in Far Cry.

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Many recent Ubisoft games have had you climb towers to unlock new sections of the in-game map. The company first used the mechanic in Assassin's Creed, before later bringing it to Far Cry and Watch Dogs, and even The Crew. Now, with Far Cry 5, Ubisoft has poked fun at itself and the mechanic.

During the game's opening, your handler--a character named Dutch--instructs you to climb a tower to activate an antenna. While doing so, he reassures you that, no, he won't have you climbing towers all over the game's fictional Hope County, Montana, USA, and that this is just a one-off. Take a look at the moment in the video above.

Previous Far Cry games have required you to climb towers scattered across their worlds to see what activities are available in their region. Far Cry 5 drops this mechanic in favor of more organic exploration: you'll unlock activities and gain map markers by talking to NPCs and traveling past points of interest.

For more on the open-world shooter, take a look at our Far Cry 5 review-in-progress. Critic Edmond Tran has provisionally awarded the game a 9/10. "Despite some brief irritations and missed opportunities with its narrative, spending time in the world of Hope County remains absolutely delightful," he wrote. "Far Cry 5 boasts a wonderfully harmonious flow to its adventure, with its smart changes to exploration, discovery, and progression distinctly bolstering the enjoyment of creatively engaging and experimenting with its spectacular open world." Check out our Far Cry 5 review roundup for a wider view of critical opinion.

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