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Far Cry 5 Arcade: Best And Worst Maps We've Played So Far

A look at some of the early maps released in Arcade mode.

Far Cry 5 is a sizable game. It boasts a large, open-world experience with a story that can take 25 hours or much more to complete, and it offers a playground that you can play around in indefinitely. But its long-term appeal lies in the Arcade, a new map editor mode that allows players to craft their own experiences.

Arcade can be used to create a wide array of experiences (even using assets from other Ubisoft franchises, like Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs) for single-player, co-op, and competitive multiplayer. Just as importantly, these creations can be shared online, giving you a potentially endless set of levels to check out. In the video above, we run through some of the best and worst maps that we've encountered so far. Some of these are fairly straightforward concepts, while the appeal of others lies in their references to other game franchises. We check out a Zelda map of dubious quality (which is nonetheless worth a try), a Hotline Miami-inspired level with one-hit kills where you throw bats as weapons, and another that is essentially a linear horror map.

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Now Playing: Far Cry 5 - The Best (And The Worst) Arcade Maps We've Found

Ubisoft offers its own Arcade creations that you'll encounter while playing Far Cry 5, which showcase exactly what's possible. Many of those you'll find online from other players are, unfortunately, somewhat lacking--as our Far Cry 5 review notes, "There are a lot of bland examples out there ... It's easy to weed out the duds when picking and choosing single-player levels, but when it comes to multiplayer, you leave some of it up to chance." That's because multiplayer lobbies allow three players to propose a possible level, and everyone then votes on those selections and one that's chosen by the server.

As you play, you're also able to vote on maps you like and dislike, so there is some built-in system that will hopefully help the best content to eventually surface in-game. You can also try out Arcade Hero, a mode where you randomly play through newer maps. Our reviewer, Edmond Tran, found it difficult to get into multiplayer matches this way, but it works well for single-player and co-op content--though the quality of what you're playing may vary wildly. On the bright side, you do get bonus experience for participating in Arcade Hero, and that progress feeds back into the currency and Perks you use in Far Cry 5's main campaign.

If you're interested in creating your own content, we have tips on how to get started in Far Cry 5 Arcade. Otherwise, you can check out the maps featured in our video through the links below.

Map 1: Country War

  • Creator: Shining912
  • Quick pitch: An open map that's missing textures and things to do.
  • Download link

Map 2: 穷途末路-活下来!

  • Creator: MQfree
  • Quick pitch: An outpost mission that asks you to kill nearly a hundred enemies.
  • Download link

Map 3: Farm Assault

  • Creator: Thor0508
  • Quick pitch: A decent map that has you attacking a farm.
  • Download link

Map 4: Horror Film

  • Creator: Camdolf
  • Quick pitch: An atmospheric map with a deadly foe waiting for you at the end.
  • Download link

Map 5: Apocalipse Base

  • Creator: AnoAnk
  • Quick pitch: A map that's way too big and has too many enemies.
  • Download link

Map 6: Hotline Miami

  • Quick pitch: A colorful neon map that looks and feels like a first-person Hotline Miami game.
  • Download link

Map 7: Welcome to Elk Jaw Lodge v0

  • Creator: Sundic_Ouff
  • Quick pitch: A dark and bloody adventure that takes you through a rural town that's erupted in chaos.
  • Download link

Map 8: Legend of Zeldo

  • Creator: Cute_N_Evil
  • Quick pitch: A large map that pays homage to The Legend of Zelda in some entertaining ways.
  • Download link
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