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Far Cry 5 Allows You To Build Crazy Levels With Items From Assassin's Creed And Watch Dogs

Ubisoft even put in a nice James Bond reference.


Far Cry 5's March 27 release date is drawing ever nearer, and now publisher Ubisoft has revealed a new mode for the upcoming game. Arcade Mode is a versatile level editor that lets you build huge, complex arenas, and it even includes assets from other Ubisoft titles.

You can use items from games such as Assassin's Creed Unity, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Watch Dogs, Far Cry 4, and Far Cry Primal, as well as Far Cry 5 itself of course. At a recent preview event we got to try out a couple of levels made by Ubisoft itself: one is a weird, mind-bending mission in which you must escape some sort of prison or maze, while the other is a stealth-based find-and-kill level that contains a nod to James Bond. Arcade Mode also contains a multiplayer segment, although we weren't permitted to capture footage of that mode; you can, however, watch us play the single-player levels above.

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Far Cry 5's campaign continues the series' recent trend of attempting to balance silliness with discussions of serious topics. This game's American setting made us feel like an outsider in a powerful way, but it also contains a murderous grizzly bear named Cheeseburger. For more, read the game's lead writer discuss how he attempted to balance these two aspects of the story.

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