Far Cry 4 Director Tackles New, Smaller Project Next

Alex Hutchinson's next game will be much smaller than Far Cry 4.

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Alex Hutchinson, the creative director on Far Cry 4, is moving on to his next project at Ubisoft Montreal, a smaller, more personal game.

"I've got clearance along with a bunch of people from Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed IV to go off and do something new after [Far Cry 4]," Hutchinson told CVG . "The challenge then is to keep costs down and make something that competes at a high level, without saying 'we need a thousand people for a new IP!'"

The project is part of Ubisoft's new strategy to encourage developers to pursue passion projects in addition to huge, AAA releases. Child of Light, for example, was led by Patrick Plourde, who previously directed Far Cry 3.

In September, Ubisoft said it wants to make more smaller games like Child of Light, and it recently revealed that the game eventually managed to turn a profit.

Hutchinson didn't give any more details about his next game, but that he hoped he'd be able to show it next year.

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