Far Cry 3 beta included with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Access to this summer's multiplayer test of Ubisoft Montreal shooter given away in GameStop sales promotion.


Far Cry 3 doesn't come out until September 4, but eager gamers can get a taste of Ubisoft's upcoming first-person shooter a little early. The publisher today announced that it will hold a two-week-long multiplayer beta this summer, with specialty retailer GameStop giving away invites to customers who buy Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Do not trust this man. He is not a GameStop employee and will not assure you a copy of Far Cry 3 when it launches in September.
Do not trust this man. He is not a GameStop employee and will not assure you a copy of Far Cry 3 when it launches in September.

There is a catch, as customers will need to be enrolled in GameStop's PowerUp Rewards customer loyalty program in order to receive the invite. When they purchase Ghost Recon on its May 22 launch, PowerUp members will be given a code to redeem at a GameStop website. On that site, players choose whether they want to be in the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 beta test, and they will receive the actual code via email once the beta goes live. Ubisoft will also be giving codes out through its social channels and the game's official site.

The Far Cry 3 beta will include six playable classes, as well as multiple maps and modes. Players will be able to upgrade and customize their characters, as well as get a feel for how the game's zip lines and combat sliding mechanics will impact multiplayer.

Far Cry 3 will cast players as Jason Brody, a man stranded on a strange tropical island similar to the setting of the first Far Cry. Gamers will head out into this "savage paradise" and "slash, sneak, and shoot" to survive in a world that has "lost all sense of morality."

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Get your Far Cry 3 Beta Key only at "http://farcry3beta.net/"! Thank you so much for the free key!

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I didn't get any beta code and I pre-ordered two copies from two different GameStop stores... I've contacted the stores and their PowerUp Rewards customer support and have just been getting lies/the run-around... They are notorious for cheating customers out of the codes they promise!

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Meh, I am likely going to pick this up, but I have zero interest in GR. If I want an on-line shooter, I'll stick with BF3.

Now FC1 was phenomenal on-line with the huge maps and plenty of little ambush spots. Never played 2 on-line, and it was a shame the SP lost it's steam early on.

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I already wanted Ghost Recon. This makes me want it even more.

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Remember when the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta was supposed to come with Splinter Cell: Conviction? Yeah, me too.

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@a_ndy it did. I was surprise when I recieved the email. I forgot it had it.

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What about in the UK?

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Ghost Recon will be a great game. Far Cry 3 looks promising. Getting Both. Waiting patiently for Sleeping Dogs and Fall of Cybertron....

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Its a trick lol

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This has just made my excitement for this game Blossom, A full open island where everything is explorable! Loads of hints at things that have happened in the past like WW2 etc.This game seems now like Farcry (the first obviously), Skyrim, The Beach (Film) with a hint of horror and with beautiful graphics.Online probably won't get a look in from me :) ! Now I know this game is freeroam=) !! Pre-Order ! DONE

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FYI all - you can get a chance to obtain a Beta key from their Facebook page. (I'm not pre-ordering or buying Ghost Recon, so thats my only FC3 beta option).

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the first game in 2007 i really didn't like i never have played the second game.

Avatar image for IamNick2k11

@Bluejays2008 That was Crysis :) the original farcry was much better and was out in 2004. Farcry 2 though.. Meh

Avatar image for Bluejays2008

@IamNick2k11 thank you for telling me :D

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Where he fu@k is PC?

Avatar image for agenthunt45

@teo2cry @k

We PC guys never get any love.

Avatar image for IamNick2k11

We do ;) We get the best version of the game (in the long run) 95% of the time x

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Looks like it's going to be a pretty empty beta. They must be sure their game is good, as clearly the beta's for money only.

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This is not gonna get me to buy Ghost recon. I played the beta on PC and have to say 5 years isn't long enough. I know it's just a beta, but hey I took part in the BF3 beta and loved it. To each his own

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@STrugglingFool There was a PC beta? I think that was for Ghost Recon Online, a different game which will be F2P.

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I've been looking forward to GR. What would you say it was lacking? I'm not trolling I'm actually interested in your opinion. Were the controls choppy, graphics bad, sloppy UI/AI? Your the first Negative feedback I've heard so naturally I'm curious.

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@indicaX Again this is for PC. Console I don't know about. The graphics felt blend . It also had no attention to detail. It felt dull. The controls are decent enough. I only took part in the multiplayer Beta, so I don't know how the AI is. I always like to see something fresh or new but this game lacks behind both. It would suprise me if it get's a higher rating then 7 out of 10 . Single player is one part I don't know about. I don't want to discourage, if your looking forward to GR then you should get it. TC

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@micmarduk There was a beta for Ghost Recon Future Soldier Mulitplayer. Actually Gamespot gave the codes away.

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@STrugglingFool yeah...s8man888 is Right...There wasn't any PC beta...the Ghost Recon Online is a free 4 all game. The Ghost Recon Future Soldier only had Console multiplayer beta. Wich is a lot more detailed =]

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done and done...

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I still have to finish Far Cry 2. I had it since it's release date and I stop playing it cause I got tired of the quick enemy respawns. I hope that was one issue they have addressed for this one.

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the multiplayer for fc3 will be garb.

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comn cant we just get it for only two weeks, its not like we wont buy it after it releases. just will do more of a good.

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PLS give us some Beta please please please

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on the first xbox i had a blast with farcry games. farcry 2 was a empty bomb shell. HOPEFULLY farcry will return to FUN

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bla i don't pre order games from gamestop... They don't have deals like amazon.

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I hope it's better than Far Cry 2's broken mechanics and omniscient A.I.: kinda sucked to be a malaria-stricken dude fighting omniscient A.I. (to whom your stealth kills were more attention-grabbing than a gunshot) with rifles that broke after three shots...

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Yes! Best news I've heard all day

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Damn it now I have to buy GRFS too?! I am going to poor by the end of this year. SMH

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I remember when the Beta was going to be included in Splinter Cell: Conviction waayyy back in 2010... It has been a long time for Ubisoft and this game.

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Sorry but I'm not liking Ghost Recon that much anymore.... Advanced Warfighter was all effed up and I'm betting this will be too......I liked the older Ghost Recon games.

I'll pass on this but I will be picking up Far Cry 3 and Rainbow 6 when they come out.

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What a marketing tactic.

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I play the Far Cry games for the single player experience. A beta for FC3 doesn't interest me. If I want multiplayer, I would play something else. I am not knocking the game's multiplayer because it might be good, but I am just not really interested in a Far Cry multiplayer to begin with.

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Far Cry 3 will cast player as some dude who becomes Rambo.

And I hope publishers know, that when you use a beta for marketing. That means it better not be a beta when it comes out. People expect(and rightfully so when its used for advertisement) essentially the final product.

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Dammit Ubi ..why don't u release the free shit beta....

haha..of course no PC Beta..**** it

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Step 1: Complain how stores like GAMESTOP are ruining the industry with multi-million profit margins on used game sales.

Step 2: Give GAMESTOP exclusive access to beta keys for upcoming game with purchase of game from GAMESTOP.

Step 3: Stop complaining to the general public about used game sales whilst lining pockets with pre-order bullsh*t and hyped up bonuses from retail store making millions from used game sales.

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Hence why I always say, that used games are nothing but a scapegoat for publishers, a made up boogeyman to justify all their anti consumer behavior, motivated by nothing but greed.

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A $60.00 beta with a free shooting game attached to it.

I am interested in the Demo though, but I doubt I'll pay $60.00 for it.

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Thank you Gamestop. See you May 22

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I see the word GAMESTOP attached to this promotion so PASS.

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Looks like I'll be playing the beta this summer.

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