Far Cry 3 Actor Michael Mando Hints At Reprising Vaas Soon

Far Cry 3 fans came running out of the woodwork for this AMA.


Recently, the Better Call Saul actor Michael Mando hosted an AMA on Reddit, answering fan questions and talking about the season finale that had just aired. During the AMA some fans asked Mando about his role in Far Cry 3 as the main antagonist Vaas Montenegro, with people wondering if the iconic character will ever make a return.

One fan asked, “Greetings from Finland Mando! Do you still get recognised as Vaas or do more people see you as Nacho now? I Have to say that after playing Far Cry 3 back in the day, I hoped that I'd see you in more stuff. Very glad to see you get work and hope you all the best.”

Mando responded to the question: “Thank you so much! Vaas is my spirit animal - having co-created that character is something that will always be dear to me. I still get recognized as Vaas, and I still feel the outpouring of love for that character - makes me very happy. Who knows... maybe I will reprise the role very soon? :p Thank you for watching xo.”

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t's worth noting that Mando hinting at Vaas' return does not necessarily mean that it will actually happen--this could simply be wishful thinking on the actor's part. This is made especially difficult due to how the story plays out in Far Cry 3.

Fans also asked Mando about his appearance in Spider-Man Homecoming and whether or not he would be making a return as a potential Scorpion. Unfortunately, it seems the actor was unable to confirm any involvement with the franchise going forward.

“... I love Spiderman and I love that whole team :) Who knows, I keep hearing things but I can't confirm or deny anything... yet. Stay tuned xoxox.”

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Mando also shared his insight on the Better Call Saul finale, telling the fans about how he gets into character and the motivations behind Nacho’s actions in the past season, along with some anecdotes about his co-stars and director Vince Gilligan. For the full AMA head over to the subreddit.

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