Fantasy Farm Sim And Dungeon Crawler Fae Farm Gets Release Date On PC And Switch

The farm sim releases on September 8.


At Summer Game Fest, a new trailer was releasing announcing a release date for Fae Farm, a cutesy farming sim and dungeon crawling game for Switch and PC.

In Fae Farm, you can obviously tend to crops and raise animals. Time passes with the seasons, which bring different crops and holiday celebrations, allowing you to get to know the various inhabitants of the island. As you develop your farm, you will gain additional plots and find ways to craft, brew, and bake new items. Additionally, Fae Farm's magical twist on the farming sim genre lets players cast magic spells to water crops, brew potions, and gain the aid of magical helpers, such as wisps and what appear to be elemental dragons.

Meet us in Azoria, the heart of comfort and cozy. Embark on your ship and set sail on September 8th, 2023, on Nintendo Switch and PC.🧚✨
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The game offers deep aesthetic customization, such as changing furniture, wallpaper, flooring, and decorations. You can also customize your own character and join up with friends for farming, fishing, or dungeon crawling. In dungeons, you will combat cute enemies like a book with teeth, a four-legged cannon, and a jack-o-lantern bomb. You'll fight these enemies with magical staffs and can shield yourself with magic. You can also gather magical resources within these dungeons.

You can explore and cultivate the island of Azoria on September 8 on PC and Switch. It is unknown whether the game will release on other platforms in the future.

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