Fantastic 4 Gets Phase 6 Release Date At Comic-Con

Marvel's first family will once again head to the big screen and for the first time, under the Marvel Studios banner.


Back in 2019 during the initial Phase 4 reveals, it was teased at the end that the Fantastic Four are finally coming home to Marvel Studios. With the pandemic, timelines got skewed and projects were moved or put on hold entirely. We now know that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will end Phase 4, but also what to expect from Phase 5, such as Daredevil: Reborn and Blade.

We also got a look ahead at Phase 6, which will kick off with the Fantastic 4 movie. There have already been three different FF movies, not counting the Roger Corman cult classic, and most recently actor John Krasinski appeared as "Mr. Fantastic" Reed Richards briefly in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Thus far, that's the only actual FF representation in the MCU--plus it was in a different part of the multiverse, so who knows what to expect on the primary MCU Earth.

Kevin Feige made no mention of casting, director, screenwriter, or anything of that nature, but looking back at the timespan between announcements and casting, it could be very soon. Given the fact that it's only a two-year wait, casting could be announced anytime in the next few months--potentially even in September at Disney's D23 Expo.

Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four is scheduled to hit theaters November 8, 2024.

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