Fans say they've been misled by War Z developers

Reddit users say Hammerpoint Interactive has released a patch for The War Z, which forces players to sign a terms of service that disallows refunds.


Dissatisfied consumers have taken to Reddit to voice their concerns surrounding the release of The War Z on Steam.

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Users are accusing The War Z developer Hammerpoint Interactive of releasing a patch for the Steam version of the game following Reddit reports that claimed this version of the game wasn't complete.

According to Reddit user "IAmFluffey", the patch "proves [Hammerpoint Interactive's] quick money-grabbing and game-breaking schemes."

"After changing the description of their game due to [Reddit user] TotalHailbut calling them out on false advertising, they have now updated the game with a new patch."

The post goes on to list a variety of changes in the new patch, including "increasing the respawn-timer from 1 hour to 4 hours", while adding a "revive" button where players can spend real-world money to revive instantly. Reddit users have suggested that this addition forces players into a micro-transaction model.

According to the post, the update is also forcing players to sign a terms of service agreement before playing, which reportedly "disallows refunds" of the game.

After publishing a similar thread on the Steam forums, user "IAmFluffey" was reportedly banned. The users claim that Hammerpoint Interactive subsequently shut down the entire The War Z discussion thread on Steam.

GameSpot has reached out to Hammerpoint Interactive for comment.

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