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Fans Really Love The New Droid In Star Wars Outlaws

I can see why fans love ND-5 so much too.


Ubisoft recently announced its open-world action game Star Wars: Outlaws, and it appears the game may already have its breakout star before it even launches.

If you thought the cute little alien who helps out the protagonist was the new fan-favorite, you're wrong. Because many fans have taken a liking to the new BX-Series Droid Commando, aka ND-5. There could be several reasons why ND-5 is starting to become a fan-favorite.

Maybe it's because of their massive shoulders that look like they can protect you from anything, or how their coat makes their arms look like they're the size of a cannon. It could even be the iron six-pack ND-5 is proudly showing off to the galaxy, or perhaps it's their mysterious yet soothing voice. Similar to Turgle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, ND-5 already has their own (GameSpot sister-site Fandom) Wookieepedia page detailing everything we know about them.

If you look up "Star Wars Outlaw Droid" or "ND-5" on Twitter, you'll find countless tweets of fans wishing they were this Droid Commandos' other half. And if they're not doing that, they're pointing out how ND-5 is perhaps the most attractive droid in the galaxy. Here are some of the best takes we've seen about everyone's new favorite droid, ND-5, on Twitter.

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