Fans React To New Elden Ring Footage With Memes And Hype

Never before seen Elden Ring footage has leaked onto the internet, and the game's burgeoning fandom exploded in response.


Elden Ring fans have grown increasingly desperate for news of From Software's highly anticipated game, and a leak of what appears to be grainy footage of the game in action has triggered a torrent of memes. On the Elden Ring subreddit, which has become ground zero for the game's increasingly-desperate fans to express their displeasure at From Software's radio silence, the reaction has been divided between unrelenting hype and humorous memes. [Update: Deprived fans finally have what they were looking for--an Elden Ring trailer and release date.]

The Elden Ring subreddit has become increasingly meta in its sense of humor as the wait for the game has continued. For example, the above meme compares a low-definition screencap of a carriage from the newly revealed footage to the carriages from a photoshopped screenshot of Bloodborne Kart, a non-existent game that has become a meme unto itself in the community.

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Other top posts in the subreddit poke fun at the footage's highly questionable video quality. Another popular post compares a tree seen in the footage to an image from the manga Berserk, which Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki often references in his games.

While several leakers initially posted very short snippets of what appears to be a trailer for the game, one very recently uploaded a full 30-second clip of the game. While it's impossible to fully verify its authenticity, it certainly looks like an open-world Souls game in action, complete with weighty combat and rideable horses. Reporter Jeff Grubb said that the trailer dates back from 2020. Microsoft also confirmed that Elden Ring will not be shown during an upcoming Xbox event.

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