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Fans Find Pokemon Legends Z-A Connection Hidden In Pokemon Scarlet/Violet

The Lumiose City centered game might have some Paldean influence, according to this Easter egg.


Eagle-eyed fans have noticed a link in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet to the recently announced Pokemon Legends Z-A, which may even hint at some of the spin-off's lore. As picked up by Eurogamer, players have discovered a sign in Scarlet/Violet's Paldea that sports the same text used in Z-A's announcement trailer.

Legends Z-A was revealed as part of Pokemon Presents last month, with a teaser that showed an urban redevelopment plan for Pokemon X/Y's Lumiose City. The trailer contrasted hand-drawn architectural plans with a futuristic digital rendering of the city, with the accompanying announcement promising a redevelopment plan that would make the city a place where humans and Pokemon can more naturally co-exist.

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The same line of cryptic text shown in the trailer was discovered by Reddit user u/KyleLaverre in Pokemon Violet/Scarlet, on a sign in Levincia in Eastern Paldea. The sign reads "Paldea Realty Flagship Building," while an NPC in the area will also tell the player that five buildings in the area are owned by the Paldea Realty real estate firm.

Pokemon Legends Z-A is due to release sometime in 2025. A number of Pokemon have been confirmed to feature in the game thanks to its trailer, while Mega Evolutions were also teased as part of the reveal.

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