Fans Create New Super Mario Bros. Sequel With 80 Original Levels

New game mechanics and soundtrack, made on the New Super Mario Bros Editor.


Fans have created a fresh sequel to the 2006 3DS hit New Super Mario Bros., complete with 80 new stages spread over eight maps, some new gameplay mechanics, and an original soundtrack. The game was designed with a combo of new assets and assets from the original game.

The game, called Newer Super Mario Bros DS, was made by the group Newer Team. They created it using the level editor New Super Mario Bros. Editor (NSMBe), a PC tool released long before Super Mario Maker. Check out the launch trailer below.

To play the game, you need to download the ROM, which is available on its website, and Newer Team says you will be able to patch your existing copy of New Super Mario Bros. to play on your own console. It's worth noting Nintendo has a history of shutting down fan-made games, like this Pokemon game or the 2D Zelda: Breath of the Wild project based on the Switch game's original prototype.

Newer Team is known for its previous fan project, Newer Super Mario Bros Wii, which features 128 new levels for the Wii game New Super Mario Bros Wii. It is playable on any homebrew-enabled Wii and still available for download on the group's website. As always, be wary of downloading any unofficial game content online.

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