Fans Are Divided On The New Space Jam's Uniforms

LeBron James debuted the new Tune Squad jersey to a mixed reaction.


In case you haven't heard, Space Jam is coming back. The upcoming movie, subtitled "Space Jam: A New Legacy," stars NBA superstar LeBron James, who's just given us a look at the Tune Squad's new uniform for 2020.

While the original 1996 film featured a simple and classic jersey likely inspired by star Michael Jordan's classic white and red Bulls jersey, the new film is going far more cartoony with its version. Take a look.

The Looney Tunes' concentric circle logo, which also appeared on the original jersey, is now a major design feature across one side of the uniform, on a backdrop of bright teal. Even the "Tune Squad" lettering is more cartoony than the 1996 version.

Reactions to the reveal have been mixed, though that seems inevitable when producing a follow-up to a beloved yet unique film like Space Jam. For the most part, commenters on the Twitter thread agreed the brightly colored jerseys were a bit much.

It's unlikely that even a Sonic-level backlash will see the jerseys changed, however, as the live-action parts of the movie have already been completed even as of March this year.

The sequel has its fair share of detractors, however, with the director of the original film warning that the second movie would be "doomed" without a star on Jordan's level.

The new Space Jam movie is targeting a 2021 release.

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