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Fans Are Constructing A GTA 6 Map Based On Leaks

The recent GTA 6 leak has seen fans putting in a lot of work to map out the game's huge open world.


As Rockstar gets on top of this week's massive GTA 6 leak with sweeping copyright takedowns, fans are working to piece together their own resources from the early footage. As reported by Kotaku, this includes a number of map-building efforts, with players using the leaked footage to put together an early estimation of GTA 6's huge open world.

The project is reminiscent of a fan-made GTA V map created by GTA Forum users, who used the game's promotional footage and screenshots to get an early view of Los Santos. This time, the map is being created from the leaked footage, with fans often getting creative in order to get around Rockstar's copyright restrictions.

With much of the leaked footage displaying in-game coordinates, fans have created bare-bones maps picturing where each location sits in relation to the rest of them. It's slow going, with much of the main GTA Forums discussion working out how to most accurately map the leaked content without including images that can't be posted in the community.

Other projects hosted outside the forums have more complete maps in the works, including mini-map segments taken from the leaked footage. One map posted by Church of GTA includes some speculative roads and borders, as well as the more concrete details taken from the leaks.

Until Rockstar releases more official material on the game--which is still a few years off from release--the mapmaking efforts aren't likely to get much further than basic speculation. From what fans have already uncovered, it's looking like GTA 6 will have a huge world to explore, with a map at least as big as or bigger than GTA V's Los Santos.

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