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Fanatical's New Steam Deck Bundle Is Full Of Cyberpunk Therapy And Kingdom Management Games

Build your own bundle of Steam Deck games with this new deal from Fanatical.


A new bundle deal is available from Fanatical, and this one is specifically aimed at people who enjoy their gaming on the go. Each game in this collection is Steam Deck Verified, so you'll be able to install them on your device--or an equivalent piece of hardware like the ROG Ally--and start gaming right away. No muss, no fuss, and there's an interesting selection of titles to choose from below. You can mix and match titles for this bundle, with pricing starting at $5 for three games, $8 for five games, or $10 for seven games.

Fanatical Play-On-The-Go Spring Edition Bundle

  • Metal Mutation
  • Trash Sailors
  • Dig: Deep In Galaxies
  • Sheepo
  • Gearshifters
  • Battle Axe
  • Silent Rain
  • Yes, Your Grace
  • Garden In!
  • She and the Light Bearer
  • Bosorka
  • Fight'N Rage
  • Mind Scanners
  • Amid Evil
  • Ephemeral Tale
  • Relicta
  • Road to Ballhalla
  • Far: Lone Sails
  • Party Hard 2
  • A Juggler's Tale
  • Boomerang Fu

There are some good games here that might have fallen under your radar when they were first released. For example, Mind Scanners is a retro-futuristic psychiatry simulation in which you diagnose the citizens of a dystopian metropolis. You have to manage your time and resources, operate a series of arcade-style devices as you administer treatments, and deal with some tough ethical dilemmas. The game is essentially Papers, Please mixed with cyberpunk themes, and it makes for a fun mobile experience.

Another highlight on this list is Yes, Your Grace, a kingdom-management RPG where you have to address the needs of your local peasants while dealing with intrigue in the royal court. Everyone wants help, but you can only do so much, and the wrong decision could plunge your kingdom into war.

For something different and less focused on diplomacy, there are some great action games to consider here. Wield magical weaponry in the boomer shooter Amid Evil, kick some butt in old-school 2D brawler Fight 'N Rage, and take down noisy revelers in Party Hard 2. You can see the full list of games above, and for more deals, check out the Fanatical Prestige Bundle for AAA delights, Humble's celebration of boomer shooters, and Woot's month-long video game sale.

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